A Retreat for Parents to Reconnect as a Couple

31 October – 3 November 2019 CANCELLED

Come join us and other couples in the peace and quiet of the Romanian mountains for a 3 night retreat without your kids.

Becoming parents is one of the most natural and rewarding experiences available to a couple.

Yet it can also be a huge challenge to the relationship – especially in these times when the traditional support structures of community and family are often not easily available. It can feel like we are struggling on our own with the many pressures that becoming parents brings. Add to this the difficulty in finding time together, aligning parenting principles, tiredness, lifestyle changes and probably less chances for intimacy – and it is easy to lose sight that you are a couple first and parents second.

As parents ourselves, we know firsthand that it takes willingness, prioritisation and great communication skills to stay fully connected as a couple whilst raising our children to be wonderful human beings.

So we decided to offer the kind of retreat we wish had been available when we were tackling this.

We will spend the three days in a variety of facilitated activities as well as unstructured time. Our focus will be on giving you time together to discover the future you want to create together and how to get there. There will be group exercises and discussion as well as plenty of couple time and social interaction with other couples, if you wish.

During the retreat you will:

  • focus on your relationship and rediscover parts of each other you had forgotten about
  • relax, unwind and look at the bigger picture of your life as a romantic couple
  • create a vision for the relationship you want to build over the next years
  • define the habits that will support you move towards your vision
  • learn some key communication and conflict handling skills
  • agree concrete steps you will take to stay connected.


The retreat will be in ENGLISH and places are limited to a maximum of 8 couples.

Who You Are

Both you and your partner are committed to your relationship and you want it to thrive. You may have realised the quality of your connection could do with some attention and you are looking for ways to do this. You are open to learn and to meet other couples exploring some of the same challenges you are facing.


The retreat will be in Pestera, near to Bran, with its world famous Dracula Castle.

Pestera itself sits on the top of a ridge and, surrounded on all sides by hills and mountains, is perfect for hiking or simply for slowing down into a more relaxed pace of life. We have selected Pestera for its beauty, tranquility and connection with a more traditional way of life.

We will stay in a local guest house where the accommodation is comfortable, clean and basic. All rooms are double rooms  and most are ensuite.

Food is home cooked, largely from locally grown sources and will cater for both meat-eaters and vegetarians.

Who We Are

We are a married couple of more than 10 years and are both trainers in Nonviolent Communication, having worked extensively with parents and couples. We have a lovely 9 year old daughter and two children from previous relationships.

Monica Reu is from Bucharest, Romania and is very active and well known in the parenting and education fields, running workshops and conferences across the country and with regular media appearances on TV, radio and national magazines. She has a varied career including journalism (Cosmopolitan), translating (HBO) and publishing (Francisc Publishing).

Ian Peatey is from London, UK and has been a trainer for more than 25 years. He is a trained coach and works a lot with teams after a career in multinational corporations in finance. His international work has taken him throughout Europe and further afield to places such as Brazil and Costa Rica.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival is on Thursday 31st October from 15.00 and start at 17.30 with orientation and dinner.

We finish on Sunday 3rd November with lunch at 14.00.

If you wish to arrive a day or two earlier or leave later to enjoy a vacation please let us know as soon as possible so we can help you organise extra accommodation.

Please note that places are very limited – there will be a maximum of 8 couples.


The retreat price is per couple and includes accommodation, meals and snacks for the 3 nights and we ask you to select the price that best matches your household level:

High Income €690 (or 3,260 lei)
Medium Income €580 (or 2,740 lei)
Low Income €470 (or 2,220 lei)

We want our work to be available to all and also to be sustainable for us. If money is blocking you from registering then do contact us – we are confident we can find a way to make it work for all of us.