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First earlies are quickest to mature, taking as little as 10 weeks. Research started in the early 1990s, and took 9 years. Vivaldi is a pale yellow potato with a velvety texture, this makes it great for mashing and is particularly good as a boiled potato, holding its shape. €3.65 View Out of Stock 'Acoustic' Second Early Potatoes 2021. Potato varieties are grouped according to how long they take to mature. Potatoes 2011 (cont.) Early Maincrops – Ready August 4. Then try them for jacket wedges – simply select large potatoes, cut into 8 wedges and roast in a little olive oil until tender, sprinkled with chopped fresh rosemary if you like. New, boil, steam, mash, saute, bake or roast. First listed in 1901 this variety produces long, smooth, pale yellow tubers, with yellow flesh. The creamy, buttery taste of the Vivaldi is nothing short of sensational. google_ad_client = "pub-5944342513342816"; Simply because it is available throughout the Four Seasons - one of the composer’s “greatest hits”! Second earlies take another 2-3 weeks. Text continues below advert High yield, uniform, oval tubers, shallow eyes, pale yellow, waxy flesh 03 ‘annabelle’ (PBR) (H3) ~ first early. Solanum Solanum. The key factor governing the time for planting all potatoes is the date of the last frost in your area. Late Maincrop – Ready September onwards 5. Planters, Raised Beds And Grow Your Own; Arches And Decorative; Sheds And Garden Storage google_ad_height = 280; You can expect them to deliver high yields of attractive potatoes, which will be in high demand by slimmers, because they are lower in calories and carbohydrates than other potatoes. And remember – the flavour is so good, you’ll not be tempted to add butter. - RHS Award, Rocket – Uniform Exhibition quality tubers, Sharpes Express – True Heritage potato – going strong since 1901, Swift – The fastest cropper on the market – ready in just 7 weeks, Vales Emerald – Excellent new potato – RHS Award, Winston – Excellent baking potato – RHS Award. £6.25. Alternatively, when planting new potatoes, dig a trench and put garden compost into the base. The ‘weight watcher’s potato’ and the ‘butterless baker’ are the nicknames of this exciting new potato. For the best yields, dig during autumn/winter, adding well-rotted compost or manure. Agria. The Vivaldi potato is a cultivar of potato developed by a company called Naturally Best, based in Lincolnshire, England. If left to mature and when the skins are set, Winston makes a fantastic baking potato. A yellow skinned, golden flesh variety that is full flavoured and has an obvious sweet buttery taste. €1.85 ... Vivaldi Second Early Seed Potatoes 2021. Vivaldi - Organic pale yellow skin, pale yellow flesh This medium-early oval potato got a lot of press in the UK as a “slimming potato,” as some lab tests have shown it contains roughly three-quarters the calories and carbohydrates of the average potato. Height and spread: 60cm (24"). Second Early. They produce smaller potatoes that can be used new, boiled, steamed or … So how did the Vivaldi potato come to be named after a great composer? It has a mild sweet flavour and complements Mediterranean photo recipes and fish or chicken recipes. google_ad_client = "pub-5944342513342816"; Variety or Cultivar 'Vivaldi' _ 'Vivaldi' is a tender, upright, branching perennial with compound leaves, white flowers in summer, and oval, yellow-skinned, edible tubers with yellow flesh ready for harvest in midsummer. High yields of potatoes that are lower in carbohydrates and calories than other varieties, making them ideal for slimmers! Yes, that means you can boil, mash, bake, microwave, roast, and chip the Vivaldi – with excellent results every time. All potatoes (except for maincrops) will benefit from ‘chitting’ prior to planting out. The oval tubers are yellow skinned with pale yellow flesh and have good common scab resistance. Known as the "weight watchers" potato and the "butterless baker", this modern variety has up to a third less calories and a third less carbohydrates than many other varieties. Shape - oval. ‘Salad’ potatoes are earlies that are particularly good when eaten cold. google_ad_width = 336; First Earlies – Ready June to July (earlier in some sheltered areas) 2. WHEN TO CHIT / SPROUT VIVALDI POTATOES We recommend that you start chitting / sprouting Vivaldi potatoes in the third week of February. . Then you don’t know what you’re missing! So if you are watching your weight, you can save on calories, yet carry on eating the same quantity of potatoes – so long as you select Vivaldis. 'Vivaldi' Second Early Potato. Potatoes can be planted from mid March onwards as a rough guide, dependent on weather. 'Red Duke of York' First Early Potato 2020. The rest of the crops are harvested in Israel and a number of European countries to meet year-round demand – retaining a consistency of quality and flavour. A yellow/brown skinned potato with a yellow flesh. The virtuoso Vivaldi potato is a symphony in its own right – and the only one you need! Vivaldi Potatoes were developed by a company known as Naturally Best of Lincolnshire and HZPC Holland B.V. of The Netherlands. Incorporate a specified potato … Accord High yielding, early bulking variety that hold their shape. Vivaldi potatoes, from the Naturally Best product range, have taken the potato market by storm. Cream skinned oval tubers with a smooth textured cream flesh. Planted towards the end of March, they are ready for lifting from late June or early July. google_ad_slot = "0417158210"; The excellent flavour and texture of Vivaldi potatoes has meant that Sainsbury’s have selected them for their “Taste the Difference” range, so that shows just how good they are. Don't keep raw potatoes in the fridge since … Versatile Potato ‘Vivaldi’ is excellent for producing high yields of 'baby potatoes' or for larger tubers as a second early/early maincrop. When growing first early potatoes in the ground avoid planting in soil where potatoes have grown for … Why? Following is a list of first early potato varieties available from the featured seed merchants on this website (Click Links For Details): Accent – Great resistance to garden pests, Accord – An attractive first early with tasty creamy-white tubers, Annabelle – Mouth Watering – Ideal for grow bags & containers, Charlotte – The Chefs’ choice – RHS Award, Elisabeth – Best potato for container growing, Foremost – Classic potato with excellent flavour – RHS Award, Juliette – A great flavoured salad potato, Lady Christl – High yielding with great new potato flavour - RHS Award, Maris Bard – High Yielding First Early Potato, Red Duke Of York – A Heritage potato! Makes very goo… Try Vivaldi potatoes next time you make a potato salad – you’ll love the creamy flavour. For more information visit,

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