Extraordinary Relationships – Cluj

6 Month Intensive NVC Programme in Cluj

7-9 February 2020, 10-12 April 2020, 19-21 June 2020


This intensive, life changing programme provides you an immersion in NVC at the same time developing measurable improvements in the relationships that matter most to you. We offer a unique approach to learning combining training, live application of the learning and continuous support throughout the programme and beyond.

I can honestly say that learning and practicing NVC has been a game changer for me, especially when I do it in a secured, warm and trustworthy environment as the Extraordinary Relationship course has proved to be.  Participant

Through the programme you will gain significant insights into a selection of important relationships in your life. Maybe these will be your children, life partner, family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours – the choice will be entirely yours. Throughout the 6 months you will set yourself goals and notice clear progress in transforming your relationships according to your values.

You will learn about:

  1. Yourself – your triggers; your emotional signals and what they mean; how to change your reactions; asking for what you need; staying connected to yourself even in difficult moments.
  2. People who matter most to you – what their needs are; what they really mean and want from you, contributing to their enjoyment of life; supporting them in moments of crisis.
  3. Communication ‘Dance’ – creating a deeper quality of connection and mutual understanding, resolving difference and conflicts in ways that are good for all, giving high impact feedback; maintaining dialogue at all times.

The programme is built around Nonviolent Communication and you will learn the approach in a way that will enable you to apply it in all aspects of your life. The programme counts as 11 days towards Certification (9 days face to face plus 2 days online).

Who you are

This programme is for you if you are either wanting to learn NVC or wish for more fulfilling relationships at home or at work. Or both. You also wish to work with a group of like minded and hearted people.

Programme Structure

There are several, interrelated elements to the learning approach:

Induction meeting – you will meet one of the trainers and be invited to identify 3 relationships in your life where you would like to make progress. These will form the foundation for your learning and also give you a chance to track your progress day by day.

Three face to face workshops in Cluj Napoca of 3 days each to give you insights, raise your awareness, build community with trainers and participants and provide opportunities to rehearse situations and conversations:

  • February 7-9     Workshop 1 – Your Inner World 
  • April 10-12          Workshop 2 – The World of Those Around You
  • June 19-21           Workshop 3 – Dance of Communication

Each module runs from Friday morning to Sunday lunchtime.

Between workshops you will be supported through:

  • structured self managed learning through assignments you will design for yourself
  • weekly (minimum) empathy calls with an empathy buddy
  • additional materials sent to your email address/dedicated Facebook group
  • every few weeks a support group (online) hosted by one of the trainers.

The total number of study hours will be in the region of 110 hours.

Language of the programme is ENGLISH.

If you have any questions about this course please CONTACT us.


Strada Eremia Grigorescu nr.18, Cluj Napoca (Map)


Ian Peatey

Ian was born in UK and has lived in Eastern Europe since 1994 – in Poland and in Romania. In 2001 he came across Nonviolent Communication and immediately experienced its transformative approach to life, self and relationships. He has been an internationally Certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2008 and, together with Monica Reu (his wife), runs Romanian Association for Nonviolent Communication.

Monica Reu

Monica was born and lives in Bucharest and is founder of the Romanian Association for Nonviolent Communication. She is a Certified Trainer and has been working with NVC since 2004. She is very active and well known in the parenting and education fields running workshops and conferences across the country and with regular media appearances on TV, radio and national magazines.

Adriana Ceascai

Adriana was born and lives in Cluj-Napoca. She came across NVC in 2011 and in 2019 completed the CNVC Certification process. Thanks to NVC she brought a large range of benefits in her life and wants to offer this opportunity to others as well. She is passionate about the relationship with the self and this is one of her main focuses in trainings.


This event is hosted and supported by the local NVC community in Cluj-Napoca. You can find them online at www.comunicarenonviolenta.ro or at their NVC house called ”Colored Giraffe” based on strada Eremia Grigorescu nr.18, Cluj-Napoca.


We want our programme to be accessible to all and at the same time make sure the trainers and organisers can sustain this work.

The price we ask for this programme is €875. If this amount of money is more than you can afford then please contact us to discuss and we are confident we will find a solution together.

Any amounts you pay above our asking price will be allocated directly to those on low incomes to support them to participate.


Please fill in the form below – someone will contact with in a few days to discuss your participation and payment options.


Here is what some of our previous participants said about the programme:

Some of my inner fights are related to find ways to live more in the present, not to judge the others or to criticize myself.

Starting to interiorize the nonviolent communication, I have found easier to live more now and here. This brought to me more connection with simplicity and beauty of life. It has been life changing and full of emotions the moment when I could change my perspective and see first the human being, behind in the role, of the person I could not get along had.

Nonviolent communication brought to me tools to be in the place which poet sufi Rumi wrote about “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there”. I hope I will reach to be in that place as often as possible

Raluca Sadula – Bucharest

Extraordinary relationships was for me a solid structure for practice of nonviolent communication. Starting from daily journaling, which became my best self-discovery tool ever, continue to the few empathy buddies that i meet every week while  offering us space to be vulnerable and open. And of course the three live sessions where guided by four trainers for 12 participants (what a great ratio”) I could feel many times that everything is made for my needs and concerns. I surely recommend this program especially if you are a beginner in the search of nonviolent communication in your life.
Alex Moldovan – Cluj

I can honestly say that learning and practicing NVC has been a game changer for me, especially when I do it in a secured, warm and trustworthy environment as the Extraordinary Relationship course has proved to be. In the context of this 6 months training I found warm, vulnerable and beautiful people, all driven by the intention of improving their most meaningful relationships.
One of the relationships that I’ve been working on was the one with my mother, which I never thought possible to improve. Yet, by receiving support of my empathic colleagues, I have been able to see behind the words which were harming our relationship and to find a harmonious connection with my mother. I was honestly WOW-ed by the experience and I can openly say that the training is great value for money! It just takes your intention and a commitment to practice regularly and than you can feel the NVC magic entering your life!
Oana Ragalie – Bucharest

Extraodinary Relationships brings non-violent communication to life in a deeply transformational way. Having been part of the programme, I can say what I learnt, but most of all what I experienced brought me to a place where I approach life with more ease. When you choose this kind of work, you will find that you start to appreciate and maybe even love yourself and others more. This changes everything. Mona and Ian are great facilitators and two beautiful human beings who live the method and who show that they have done a lot of work on themselves. The bonds that create in the group in this longer-term programme are also deep and a testimony to our essential kindness and longing for a way and space to share it. I would encourage anyone who wants to give themselves a great gift to join such a programme.
Daniela Pavlovici – Bucharest

Have to, should, you are not allowed to, do, do, do…. this was the area where I acted from for so many years until this program  appeared. It slowed me down, it made me pause the hurricane in me and look inside. And then I realized I was out of me for so long, I was so much time away and got lost. NVC – extraordinary relationship put me on the spot. Who is ME? What ME wants? It taught me to  look deeper, to be aware of my deepest needs and to accept them, to understand that in every action I take there is a need that tries to be heard and not to be ashamed of them. I discovered the universality of these needs and I learned to pause in my interactions so I can get a better look at what was going on in me and maybe in the other. I realized my emotions are my best teachers, I struggled for so many years until I found out I had no clue what was in me, what are my emotions and I blamed them for so long. So, I started allover again with getting to know me: alphabetize my emotions, express them to the others and getting myself some peace from not running away from vulnerability.
The program brought me some real instruments in this process of getting to know me but, most of all, it brought me the idea that life can be lived in a different way- not a struggled one- by giving me some real models in the way my trainers live their lives. So I had many confirmations that living a nonviolent life is possible, it is hard to change all my old patterns but I have a new community of people living like this so I get out of this program with this idea: Yes, I can do it, I can be a better person and I have the tools, the support for my transformation and the belief that it is doable.
Lidia Sisu – Timisoara