7328 acrylic light transmission

light transmission for such a medium is 92.5%.Actual measurement shows that colorless Plexiglas® sheet in thicknesses of up to 6 mm (0.236") transmits 92% of the light striking it at the perpendicular: this fraction represents virtually all the light that can be transmitted by a … 7328 translucent bright white: The bright white color of 7328 plexiglass makes it look more similar to paper than milk. #7328 White Acrylic is a solid white sheet in the 1/8 inch thickness allows approx 33% of light to pass through, while it doesn't allow viewing of objects that are placed behind sheet. The thicker the white material, the less the light transmission. The translucent nature of this white acrylic makes it an excellent material for backlit applications such as POP displays and signs. of light transmission below 345 nanometers. Color Number 7328 Our translucent acrylic sheets permit the transmission of light while offering a colored tint with diffusion. Commonly used for backlit applications such as signs, displays, art, etc. Optix LD 7328 is extruded acrylic sheeting and is easily cut and fabricated. Visible hot spots and luminance fluctuations are eliminated without affecting the light transmission properties. Between 395 and 1000 nanometers, all thicknesses transmit 92%. - The white 2447 allows 40-49% light transmission and the white 7328 allows 20-29% light transmission. - The black 2025 allows 0% light transmission. There are 3 whites in the WHITE color line: 2447 - a lighting white 7328 - a sign white for illuminated signs 7508 - an opaque white for signage. 51in x100in x .118 White Acrylic 7328 Product Info. Objects cannot be seen clearly through a translucent acrylic sheet. The percent transmission of diffused light is approximately the same, regardless of the sheet thickness. Neither of these sheets are transparent or see-through but you may see shadows of objects behind it depending on the distance from the acrylic. Cell Cast Sheet Laboratory testing of polycarbonate, extruded acrylic and Aristech Acrylics® Acrysteel® and GPA brands shows over a period equivalent to 2 years outdoors in Florida, both of our formulations scored higher on the light transmission scale, when compared to extruded acrylics. (transmission depends upon thickness) - The yellow 2037 also allows 21% light transmission. Like 2447 acrylic sheets, however, 7328 plexiglass sheets allow considerable light transmission at any thickness. They are remarkably durable and can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from … 7508 opaque bright white: OPTIX LD light diffusing acrylic sheet provides superior diffusion properties that allow for greater sign design flexibility and slim profile channel (CAN) letters, all with fantastic impact resistance and weatherability. Product Line: Chemcast. - The green 2108 allow 2% light transmission. In the white colors, light transmission changes with the thickness of the material. - The red 2157 and blue 2050 allows 1% light transmission. Perfect for backlit signs, copy tables, photography applications, and any job that requires solid color sheets with light transmission. Sheet is 3/16" Thick 7328 Translucent Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet 12" x 24" Translucent-Translucent Color Acrylic Sheets are not see through but will allow light to pass through. In the range from 345 to 395 nanometers, the light transmission varies with sheet thickness. The 31% light transmission white acrylic will allow less light to go through than the 40%. Smooth, colorless ACRYLITE GP and ACRYLITE FF sheet are warranted for ten (10) years to not undergo a change in light transmission exceeding 3%.

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