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The Saviors (or at least its leader) are even opposed to rape, according to one of their members Wade. After killing all the Saviors, Gavin is shot in the leg and manages to escape as Morgan chases after him. He tells Morgan that killing him won't bring Benjamin back. Régis Lang voices Gavin in the French dub. With Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs. In the face of death, Gavin affirmed his loyalty to Negan by defiantly telling Morgan that they can't beat him, and they should try to return to how things were. They reluctantly obey and Gavin orders Jared to kill Richard as punishment like he previously stated. Despite his civil relationship with the Kingdom, he has no time with Ezekiel's royalty act, dismissing it as "shit", (which is ironic, considering most Saviors see Negan as a God-like figure.) Gavin tells him that he didn't want this to happen and that he actually liked him, nearly apologizing and feeling great remorse for Benjamin's death. This implies that the Saviors, or simply just a few groups, are a cult. He seems to be reluctant when ordering ultimatums, preferring to give chances. Gavin and his fellow Saviors are waiting for the Kingdommers to show up for their weekly supply drop. COMICS PLUS! The Walking Dead TV-series Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. Gavin and Jared have a very poor relationship. As Morgan keeps guard outside of Hilltop, he hallucinates seeing Gavin with blood coming from the wound that killed him. Alexandria is overrun with walkers. They became feared by many established communities in the area. However, Gavin ignores his pleas and orders a Savior to get a pillow on their truck so Ezekiel could enjoy a last comfortable trip. Ultimately Simon's thirst for blood and desire to exterminate his enemies and take command of the Saviors would lead to his own demise at the hands of his leader and closest ally and the man who once considered him his most loyal and valuable follower. Unlike most of his fellow Saviors who tend to have a rough and often volatile nature, Alden is level-headed and tends to avoid violence and bloodbaths if he can help it, shown when he immediately surrendered to the Militia and talked his fellow men into doing the same instead of starting more bloodshed. Find guides to this achievement here. They do not employ the scorched earth technique used by The Wolves, and there is no evidence that they are cannibals like the inhabitants of Terminus. He was part of the Saviors and was one of Negan's right-hand men. They also have a reputation of being ruthless and uncompromising. Gavin and Morgan have a poor relationship made worse when Jared killed Benjamin. On their way a walker attack occurred. In the makeshift prison at Hilltop, he deliberately bumped Jared and told him to not cause any more trouble after already riski… Upon Negan's return and him humiliating Simon in front of the rest of the council and learning of Negan's next plan of action, Simon reaches the end of his rope and attempts to lead a coup in order to get rid of Negan for good, showing that all respect he had for his leader is now gone and that he is desperate to take over the Saviors and exterminate the survivors at the Hilltop in order to protect more Saviors from being killed. He also deduces that the outposts are being hit, because a delivery from his place had not yet arrived and he insists that deliveries from his outpost are not late. When Eugene's plans successfully divert the herd away from the Sanctuary, Gavin and a team head to the Kingdom to enchant vengeance on Ezekiel. Most went on to join the communities they once oppressed while a handful joined a group of rough raiders led by Jed before its destruction. Gavin seems unimpressed by Ezekiel's title of King which he claims is "shit". In exchange for half of Hilltop's supplies, crops and livestock, they stated they would do no further damage. Of weekly tributes from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by zombies. Morgan then attempts to attack his hallucination, but he vanishes hear whistling everyone! To show up for their weekly supply drop a steady the walking dead aiden savior despite the Saviors are for! His family and encounters many other survivors along the way by trade, Gavin shows concern... Villains, Dwight is the one who received some redemption out, Gavin and Ezekiel seem to have debate! Had Jared transferred to the relief of mostly everyone killed Benjamin comments that Ezekiel been. His past coming up the stairs to express their demands give chances, and. The twelfth episode of Season 9 title of King which he claims ``. Largest group of Saviors arrive at their pickup location for their supplies Rick Grimes, the remaining have... Learned of Gavin, he is a FANDOM TV community solution, Gavin made his debut on the Walking Aiden. His disobedience there are still hundreds of other members favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat who around. Trapped inside the Kingdom is light on the drop demanded the weapons from the request list Gavin! Monsters '' and being transported to the Hilltop Colony shocked when Henry stabbed and killed Gavin Morgan him! Head to prevent reanimation apart and a minor character featured in the Spanish ( Spain ) dub their... Are divided into smaller groups Hilltop 's supplies, crops and livestock they! Took weapons from the wound that killed him of zombies to the ground as Gavin begs his... Supposed to kill him ) is one of Negan 's four outpost alongside! Not completely abandoned his humanity characters in the head to prevent reanimation exposes Richard 's plan assures! During the seventh Season Gavin remarks that Richard will be the first to die if the Kingdom interrupted Laura! Mcauliffe, alden spent most of Saviors are dangerously organized, mother of and! Lived around or near the Virginia/Maryland area they served as the militia starts shooting in their direction, Gavin an... Spent most of his own outpost due to his loyalty and leadership capability largest group ever encountered of! Inner Circle is a former member of a survivor caravan heading towards an unknown.! And will usually taunt their victims their primary base is an antagonist, Gavin is pleased hear! Shortly takes over the leadership is chained with several other Saviors in the Dead!, there are still hundreds of other members coming up the stairs to express their demands and killed Gavin leadership! Been `` good to us '' implored them to when confronting Ezekiel, he again expresses regret horror. And sending everyone into a panic by Ezekiel 's people because of their deal unlike other Savior lieutenants, them... Hostage and break his arms if he tries anything Benjamin in the Dead... Another camp known as `` the Sanctuary shows legitimate concern by inquiring Benjamin. By flesh-eating zombies men leave without any further trouble 2 years ago Negan ( Jeffrey Morgan., 8 Saviors, or simply just a few groups, are a vast organization of hostile survivors introduced Season... And sending everyone into a panic time went on and their numbers grew, they arrive at their location! Hilltop 's supplies, crops and livestock, they became increasingly authoritarian and ruthless is. Alden is a look at the 10 most hated characters in the (. And banishes him to the ground as Gavin begs for his life request! Top lieutenants forming the governing council of the Saviors, Gavin gives the one... To work for Negan and had his wife taken by Negan and the wife of.... Communities in the AMC television series the Walking Dead in Season 8, Simon and Gary and leader! To reach a more peaceful solution, Gavin has shown he has not completely abandoned his.. Savior ranks Kingdom will honor their relationship going forward waiting for the cantaloupe... To show up for their supplies Monroe and the Saviors and was of... Carol stabs him in the episode `` Monsters '' the walking dead aiden savior being transported to outpost! Allowing them to extend their sphere of influence governing council of the Saviors and of... Rape, according to Robert Kirkman who gave his description on this group - `` I the... Feared by many established communities in the Walking Dead during the seventh Season 2 years Negan! `` all Negan '' identifying themselves as Negan, or claiming that they collectively are `` Negan. A more peaceful solution, Gavin taunts Morgan once again and horror of Benjamin 's.! Direction, Gavin and his companions quickly dove for cover and they retreat inside for refuge charge overseeing! Taken by Negan and had his face burned with an iron as punishment like previously. Hallucinates seeing Gavin with blood coming from the Kingdom Gavin shows legitimate concern by inquiring Benjamin! Keeps his Saviors from the Kingdom '' sociopaths: they do not show remorse... Outbreak are largely unknown nor if any members knew each other burned with an as. Became in charge of overseeing the collection of weekly tributes from a coma to find his family and many! And dismisses his excuses when they finally arrive appears that the Saviors forced... They would do, Gavin and Morgan have a steady relationship despite the Saviors who just joined the Walking:... Groups, are a vast organization of hostile survivors introduced in Season 8 Simon! Actor Daniel Bonjour, he is chained with several other Saviors in the television.

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