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After you plead guilty and submit any mitigating factors, the judge will impose a sentence. The accused can plead guilty at any point of the criminal proceedings before the judge has made a decision on whether to convict the accused. The accused should therefore raise any facts in mitigating his plea, including the fact that he had pleaded guilty. She regularly advises corporate and private clients on schemes of arrangement, bankruptcy proceedings, trade disputes, employment disputes and other contractual claims. If the accused states that he intends to plead guilty at the pre-trial stage, the court will fix a date for his plea to be taken. Pleading guilty means that you admit fully and unconditionally to the offence committed. the accused disagrees with the statement of facts as mentioned above). He is an experienced and dedicated trial lawyer who focuses his litigation practice on white collar crimes. This time is generally only afforded to those whom a judge believes do pose a threat to the public and who isn’t considered a flight risk to leave the country in an effort to escape going to prison. Prior to incorporating Abbots, Gino headed the criminal litigation departments of firms he practiced in. The courts have made it clear that an accused person will not be allowed to retract his guilty plea merely at a whim. such that the issue of whether the accused is guilty of the charge proceeds to trial. Mitigation plea: You will then be … During a mitigation plea, the court will hear any plea in mitigating (i.e. Plea negotiation and bargaining with the Prosecution may lead to charges being amended and as a result you may plead guilty to a less serious charge. After you have been found guilty and convicted of an offence, the Court will need to consider what type and amount of sentence to impose against you. What Should You Do If You Witness a Crime in Singapore? If he does so, the court will be obliged to reject the plea of guilt such that the issue of whether the accused is guilty of the charge proceeds to trial. You may get in touch with experienced criminal lawyers here. Clients appreciate his affordable legal expertise and sensitivity to personal situations. The Constitution guarantees criminal defendants certain rights. Although we try our best to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, you rely on it at your own risk. pay a fine or financial penalty, serve a period of time in prison). What happens when one pleads guilty? Offences by Young Persons: How Parents Can Work with Criminal Lawyers, 3 Fundamental Qualities of an Excellent Criminal Defence Lawyer, 4 Common Types of Cybercrimes and What to do if You’re a Victim, What to do if You are Falsely Accused of Molestation. Police Investigation Process in Singapore, Arrest Warrant Issued Against You in Singapore: What to Do, Arrestable and Non-Arrestable Offences in Singapore. Charged in court / Pleading Guilty What happen when you are charged in court? it was made by his lawyer instead); Made without understanding the true nature and consequences of his plea; and. After negotiating with the prosecutor, your attorney in some cases may then recommend entering a guilty plea to a lesser charge as part of a plea agreement. Your case will be assigned to a pretrial and/or trial day. Not made without qualification against the charges brought against him (e.g. It may also be possible to prove that the accused did not understand the nature and consequences of pleading guilty, such that the court should not accept the plea of guilt. 7 Detention Orders in Singapore: When Will They be Ordered? If so, the case can move straight to sentencing. A defendant has a right to a delay in sentencing, but most of the time that delay will be waived and we will agree to being sentenced immediately. Police Custody in Singapore: What You Should Know, Search Warrant: The Issuance and Execution of It in Singapore, Penalties for Lying to the Authorities in Singapore, Can You Say No to a Lie Detector Test in Singapore? In Singapore, depending on the nature of the crime, the court can hand down several different punishments to achieve what it considers appropriate retribution, … Once you have chosen to plead not guilty, your case will likely follow some critical steps: Trial date. cancelled) in a criminal revision. Can the Victim Appeal Against Me? An accused may therefore not wish to plead guilty if he believes that the prosecution does not have enough evidence for him to be convicted of the offence(s) he has been charged with. Penalties for Littering and Killer Litter Offences in Singapore, Penalties for Cheating/Scamming and What Victims Can Do, Penalties for Impersonating Someone and Victim Redress, Singapore Fake News Laws: Guide to POFMA (Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act), Laws and Penalties for Doxxing in Singapore (With Examples). Ask the magistrate if you do not understand the penalty and what you have to do. After the plea bargaining process and 3 – 4 Court sessions, the time has finally come for you to make a decision. An accused may be convicted based on the plea of guilt. What Happens After The Plea Of Guilty Or Not Guilty Is Entered? Can I Represent Myself in a Criminal Court Case in Singapore and How? When you plead guilty to a charge, you will attend an open courtroom hearing (sometimes referred to as a Mention) before a Judge and attended by you or your lawyer (if you have engaged one to represent you) and a Prosecuting Officer (e.g. In very exceptional cases, it is possible for an accused to retract a plea of guilt by raising facts at the mitigation stage which affect whether he should have been convicted of the offence. Pleading guilty means the accused admits to having committed the crime(s) he has been charged with and agrees to the charge(s) which the prosecution has brought against him. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Gag Orders in Singapore: Whose Identity Can be Protected? The problem is that there is no one to protect the defendant’s rights until after the arraignment, unless they had hired an attorney first. For example, if the accused thought that he was pleading guilty to a different charge from what he was actually being charged with, this could be found to be misunderstanding the charge such that the plea of guilt would not be valid. The information provided does not constitute legal advice. This can happen if the accused claims that the plea of guilt was not made voluntarily such as due to misunderstanding the charge. to pay a fine or serve a period of imprisonment). Can the Public Make a Citizen's Arrest in Singapore? However, if the “offer of composition” has expired, the accused may still plead guilty electronically by entering a plea of guilt at an AXS station before 5pm of the day on which he is required to attend court. Due to the difficulty in retracting a plea of guilt, the accused may consider claiming trial if he is unsure of whether there is enough evidence to convict him. Is It Illegal to Feed Stray Animals in Singapore? Is there no evidence? If You Have Decided To Plead Guilty To plead guilty means that you accept the charge and agree with the information provided on the police statement. Appealing a Conviction After Pleading Guilty. or not slowing down at a pedestrian crossing. This can happen if the accused claims that the plea of guilt was not made voluntarily such as due to misunderstanding the charge or if the plea of guilt was made involuntarily under pressure. If you have been charged with an offence in Singapore and are unsure if the prosecution has sufficient evidence to prove that you are guilty, it is best to seek legal advice from a criminal lawyer on whether to plead guilty. If the accused fully agrees with the statement of facts and the court is satisfied that the accused understands the nature, consequences and punishment for the offence, the plea of guilt may be accepted and the accused will be convicted. After he pleaded guilty however, he stated during mitigation that he might have gotten the date of the work accident wrong when filing the claim. Pleading Guilty in Singapore: Consequences & Withdrawal of Plea Is Watching, Downloading or Filming Porn Illegal in Singapore? After the Court has passed the sentence, an accused person, who has pleaded guilty, may only appeal against the sentence if he or she finds that the sentence is excessive and not on conviction as pleading guilty would inevitably lead to a conviction. Your email address will not be published. Tracy takes pride in her friendly neighbourhood qualities and ensures that her clients understand their legal rights before providing them with down-to-earth solutions. Pleading not guilty means that you say you didn't do the crime, or that you had a reasonable excuse for doing so. He has worked on behalf of many local and overseas clients, in cases that include international…, Nakoorsha set up Nakoorsha Law Corporation after gaining extensive experience in commercial litigation and criminal law practice. In the field of litigation, Wei Chin has handled cases spanning across different courts, including handling High Court applications himself. With his training and experience in Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Jonathan is competent with handling a diverse range of cases both civil and criminal. Not made by the accused himself (e.g. I would like to thank Mr Ray, Ms Netto and their team for all the efforts,time and patience that have…, On a personal level, He was extremely responsive and easy to communicate with throughout the entire process. Mr. Baiross also…. If the defendant pleads guilty, then they’ll be sentenced. If you admit to the Statement of Facts, your plea of guilt will be accepted by the Court and convict you accordingly. STDs: Can I Go to the Police If a Partner Infected Me in Singapore? That said, an accused should still raise all relevant issues at the mitigation plea stage, and the court will decide whether the issues raised affect the validity of the guilty plea. from pleading guilty to pleading not guilty) during mitigation, please be aware that the courts will not allow such a course of action easily. Pleading guilty is viewed as an indicator of remorse and is a mitigating factor when the judge considers the punishment to be meted out to the accused. In a criminal revision, the accused would need to show that the plea of guilt was not taken in a proper manner such as without the accused fully understanding the statement of facts and the charge, or that the plea of guilt was made under pressure. Caning in Singapore: Judicial, School & Parental Corporal Punishment. He has a broad range of practice that includes litigation and providing commercial law advice to clients. Deputy Public Prosecutor). Previous convictions: After you have pleaded guilty to the charge and admitted the Statement of Facts, the Prosecutor will tell the Court if you have any previous convictions. Even if the accused claims trial, he can subsequently inform the court that he intends to plead guilty during the Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) or Criminal Case Disclosure Conference (CCDC, if applicable). For more information, please refer to our other article on. For example, for speeding or not slowing down at a pedestrian crossing. Among these are the right to due process and right to a speedy jury trial. Those convictions may be considered by the Court when sentencing you. and pay in advance the fine fixed by the supervising Magistrate. If there is insufficient evidence, the judge may find him innocent and acquit him of the charge(s). You can pay the fine, which is similar to pleading guilty. When the police investigation results in a finding that you have committed an offence, the police will issue to you the charges and summons to attend court. Will I Be Punished for Trying? For a Court to accept your plea of guilt and convict you of the charge, you will need to confirm that you understand the nature and consequences of pleading guilty. By not pleading guilty, an accused claims trial, meaning that the prosecution will need to bring evidence to prove to the court that the accused is guilty. Here are 5 trusted lawyers you can contact directly for a quote. Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) in Singapore: What is It? What Can Victims of Sexual Harassment in Singapore Do? Ashvin has represented accused persons in both the State Courts and High Court, in cases spanning a variety of offences, including cheating, criminal breach of trust, rioting, sexual offences, money laundering, corruption and road traffic offences. Crime of Voyeurism in Singapore (Penalties and Defences). Committing Robbery in Singapore: What are the Penalties? Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Jailed After Pleading Guilty to 2019 Protest Charges Michael Zennie / Hong Kong 11/23/2020 States are receiving less vaccine than promised. The decision should not be taken lightly as once a plea of guilt has been given, it may be difficult to retract it unless there are exceptional circumstances. Usually, in all criminal matters, after a certain stage, you have to decide between pleading guilty and claiming trial. You should contact the court in advance of the deadline for making your decision to find out how to enter your plea. After the accused states that he wishes to plead guilty, a statement of facts detailing the offence will be read to the accused. For more information, please refer to our other article on criminal revisions in Singapore. 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