NVC Dance Floors

15 – 17th March 2019

We are delighted to welcome Gina Lawrie to Romania for the first time. Gina is one of the best known International Trainers of Nonviolent Communication. Along with Bridget Belgrave, she is one of the developers of the NVC Dance Floors – a powerful and widely used tool to develop awareness and NVC skills.

During this 2.5 day workshop you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of NVC through practice on the Dance Floors
  • Experience the healing power of self empathy and NVC processes for inner transformation
  • Try out challenging conversations in roleplays
  • Explore when and how to use Dance Floors in a workshop or practice group
  • Develop your abilities to coach others on the NVC Dance Floors in one-to-one or group settings.

You will also find out about the full range of Dance Floors and our plans to make them available in Romanian language.

What are the NVC Dance Floors?

They are floor maps that people move through to practice the NVC process. Each Dance is designed to help people develop awareness and skills in a particular area of NVC using visual and kinaesthetic aspects as well as verbal. They were developed by Gina Lawrie together with Bridget Belgrave, both certified trainers from UK.

More information here: www.NvcDanceFloors.com

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to develop themselves or wanting to learn more about NVC. It is also aimed at anyone training NVC who is looking for new ways to share it as well as people who already know some of the NVC Dance Floors and want to learn how to guide others on the Dance Floors or show other trainers how to use NVC Dance Floors.

Trainer: Gina Lawrie

Gina lives in Dorset, UK. She has been a certified trainer since 1997 and integrated NVC into her practice as a consultant, coach and trainer in both personal and organisational development. ​Gina has worked internationally, introducing NVC to Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. She is an experienced assessor for certification with CNVC, and has trained on IIT’s both with and without Marshall.

Practical Information


  • Friday 15th March 2019: 09:30 to 17:00
  • Saturday 16th March 2019  09:30 to 17:00
  • Sunday 17th March 2019  09:30 to 14:00



OK Center, Strada Traian 1, București (Map)



The price for the workshop is 650 lei (€140).

We recognise that everyone has different levels of income and at the same time we want to make sure the work we offer is financially sustainable – the amount that achieves this is 650 lei (€140).

If you would like to offer more then we will gladly receive it and if this price is more than you can afford then please talk to us and we will find a way – we never want money to be a barrier to sharing NVC.


The workshop will be in English.


If you have any questions about the workshop please contact ian@nonviolenta.org


Please use the form below to register for the workshop and make your payment to:

Asociatia de Training in Comunicare Nonviolenta
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