Relationship Dream – Online

… design your couple relationship

7th January 2020 (19:00 to 21:30)

When you choose to be together with someone, build a life and start a family you undertake one of the biggest projects of your life. Our intimate relationships have the potential to be the source of our greatest satisfaction and our deepest learning. If we don’t devote time and energy to them, though, they can turn sour and disappointing.

In addition to time and energy, realising our ‘Relationship Dream‘ requires awareness, positive intention and some skill. In this short workshop, Ian will help you get clearer about your Relationship Dream using ideas from Nonviolent Communication and Solution Focus. You can do this workshop on your own or with your partner.

During the 2.5 hours, you will get more clarity about:

  • what your heart longs for in your relationship
  • what is working well in your life together
  • areas that could use some attention
  • next steps to take you closer to your ideal couple relationship.

Workshop will be in English.

Where and When

The workshop is on Tuesday, 7th January 2020 (19:00 – 21:30) – and will be online with interaction. You will need a smartphone or computer with a microphone (camera is optional).

If you would like to know more details please contact Ian at


Ian Peatey

Ian was born in UK and has lived in Eastern Europe since 1994 – in Poland and in Romania. In 2001 he came across Nonviolent Communication and immediately experienced its transformative approach to life, self and relationships. He has been an internationally Certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2008 and, together with Monica Reu (his wife), runs Romanian Association for Nonviolent Communication.


This workshop is free.