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8 January 2021 || 0 notes | | rblg. Happy Holidays. The star of The Equalizer 2, Pascal connects with the magazine in Oahu, Hawaii. Ex Machina. They heard a shuffle behind them, and they turned to look back at a villager standing nearby, gazing at them inquisitively. He began to cry out, and slowly, the Force emanating from him began to overpower him, eating away at his face, skin, skull, until a great shock ran throughout the hall, destroying all that was left of Palpatine and the throne room. Für seine Rolle des Politikers Nick Wasicsko in der Miniserie Show Me a Hero erhielt er 2016 einen Golden Globe als bester Hauptdarsteller. They were not two souls, but one - a dyad of light in the Force. Rey felt this love for them, and for the man laying beside her surge within her veins, strengthening her resolve to finally put an end to the Sith. There was joy in his face she had not seen before, as he finally knew he was loved, as she did. Attractive Men. Here’s my take on a preferred ending. I love everyone in Team Free Will and thems the facts. I want either one about Leia’s Jedi training with Billie Lourd playing Leia or one that gives Finn more character because he was a rogue stormtrooper and I think they missed a great storyline on that. Oscar Isaac has been sweeping us off our feet since the early 2000s and officially etched his name on our hearts with his 2017 off-Broadway, off-kilter portrayal of Hamlet. Rey sat there for a moment, stunned. “And we,” he stated, with a power unheard of before lacing his voice…. Winter Is Coming. Release date: December 20, 2019 Director: Fernando Meirelles Talent: Juan Minujin: The Grudge. Wandering through the rooms, they both felt their Master’s lingering presence as they saw the quarters where he lived and worked. She glanced up once more at the fighters - each one of them resilient, strong, true to the end. May 24, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by psycho. In the distance, moisture vaporators dotted the horizon, stretching out as far as the eye could see. Hang on a second… • Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron • Diego Luna as Cassian Andor • AND Pedro Pascal as the Mandorian??? Meaning we all screamed over a picture of Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal. Actors & Actresses. After recovering from the shock of the sudden landing, Ben sat up, and was overwhelmed by…silence. Warnings: None….spoilers, obviously. Papi. 11-ago-2017 - Explora el tablero de Andrea Gramcko "Oscar Isaac" en Pinterest. Movie Tv. PEDRO PASCAL & DIEGO LUNA Disney+ Showcase Presentation / D23 Expo / Aug. 23. Matte. If you could make a Star Wars tv series or movie about anything you want, what would it be? #space belongs to latinos i guess? Trudging across the sand, Ben and Rey made their way to the modest hut. If you’ve seen Rise Of Skywalker and want to talk about it, please message me!! Din Djarin supporter. You Want A Shot At The Title? I would love to talk about it with someone. Discover (and save!) Star Wars. 1. Release date: January 3, 2020 But I know that many of us are extremely upset after the Rise of Skywalker ending, with Ben Solo sacrificing himself to save Rey. A tall, camel-like creature stood beside her, and she held it close with a reign connected to its front. all I ask for is a movie with oscar isaac, gael garcia bernal, pedro pascal, diego luna and edgar ramirez. Ben. Laughing cruelly at their effort, the Emperor seethed, “I am all the Sith.”. Now THATS what I’m TALKING about Disney give me all of that #TeamHotLatinoSpaceMen, BONUS BONUS: Not Disney BUT my man Don West played by Ignacio Serricchio in Lost in Space is still a #hotlatinospaceman, Hey guys, I’m not sure if this particular ending has been done yet. index message Celebrities stuff join us. Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada (* 9. Pretty Men Gorgeous Men. Since the franchise’s reboot in 2015, Disney has consistently hired Latinos to take part in Star Wars Universe in front of and behind the camera. I love everyone in Team Free Will and thems … Rey could see a shimmer in Ben’s eyes as she felt tears forming in her own. star wars, poe dameron, oscar isaac, pedro pascal, din djarin, the mandalorian, diego luna, cassian andor, rogue one Space Latino Simp Classic T-Shirt By amayasiddiqi Rey attempted to sit up, but Ben pulled her up nearer to himself so that they were both sitting and facing one another, with little distance between them. She/her. Her body ached from the impact but her mind felt clear. Latinx Celebs. Size. At this act of defiance, Palpatine halted his attack on the Resistance forces, and turned towards the two Jedi standing before him. She had never seen him smile before, and it was the most incredible sight she had ever beheld. Rey moved to touch the side of Ben’s face with her hand. See more ideas about pedro pascal, pedro, actors. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Que Guapo Famosos Vida Naves De Star Wars Arte De Guerra De Las Galaxias Stephen Hawking Oscar Isaac. They finally belonged - they found home in one another. Diego Luna. The Star Wars stars and longtime pals rang in the new year together -- and took the best photo to prove it. Oscar Isaac. Holding their ground, Ben and Rey mustered all the strength they could to fight off the Emperor’s power. Read my stuff here. Also, I would love your feedback on this! Seemingly pleased with the answer, the villager nodded and tugged at her steed, returning to Mos Eisley off in the distance. 17.03.2019 - Erkunde Kate Rogerss Pinnwand „Oscar Isaac“ auf Pinterest. #appless rp #town rp #new rp #mumu rp #oc rp #answered. Ben and Rey turned the other way, embracing as they looked at the beautiful twin suns setting out on the horizon. 6 Underground. Pedro Pascal. This is my first time doing this, so I’m a bit nervous. Hang on a second… • Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron • Diego Luna as Cassian Andor • AND Pedro Pascal as the Mandorian??? Chicana. They both sat still for a moment, each staring, awestruck, and feeling a deep and beautiful connection in the other. She looked back into his eyes, and with a hopeful smile tugging at her cheeks, whispered, “Ben?” His face relaxed, and his hand went to meet the side of her face, stroking it gently. Follow. A post shared by Elvira Lind (@elvira_lind_) Isaac’s wife, filmmaker Elivra Lind, posted the playful photo above showing the two friends bidding 2020 a wholehearted goodbye on New Year’s Eve. Ca. Their minds worked as one, and, nodding in unison, they focused in on Palpatine, moving towards him one step at a time. She sensed Ben’s presence beside her, and could detect the slightest traces of life still dwindling within him. Worried by Rey’s stillness, Ben moved quickly over to her, and gazed down on her face. With one movement they closed the gap between themselves as they kissed, overcome with love for one another. Pedro Pascal/Oscar Isaac/Diego Luna simp. Explorer. How would Finn, Poe and Rai react if they fighting if enemy stormtroopers, and s/o get blasted in the eye and falls onto the ground, and s/o lives but loses an eye and as scars on the side of face? oscar isaac stickers. Aujourd'hui. Both of them loved. Now THATS what I’m TALKING about Disney give me all of that #TeamHotLatinoSpaceMen See more ideas about pedro pascal, pablo escobar, narcos netflix. Taking each others’ hand, the two guided the lightsabers down into the earth with the Force, honoring the legacies their Masters left behind. Isaac is still sporting his longer hair and beard as he dons in the upcoming Dune as Leto Atreides I. Rey could feel the cold, hard ground of Exegol beneath her cheek. Actors & Actresses. As if on cue, they slowly began to rise together as one - unified to one another, and strengthened by each others’ presence. Pedro Pascal/Oscar Isaac/Diego Luna simp. Ben and Rey looked at one another, their faces smiling and full of love. Así pasaron el fin de año Pedro Pascal y Oscar Isaac, nuestros dos latinos dentro del universo de Star Wars (Aunque támbien falta Diego Luna) Ver más ideas sobre oscar isaac, actores, pedro pascal. (2012) Personas. Einem breiten Publikum bekannt wurde er durch seine Rollen in Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht und als titelgebender Antagonist in X-Men: Apocaly… View this post on Instagram. Thank you so much for the request! “There haven’t been people here for many years,” she remarked, as she looked at the two standing together before her. “Who are you?”. In his stead, Ben Solo rose, taking his place beside Rey. She looked up at him, the light from the stars and the aftermath of the battle above reflecting in her eyes. Se connecter. Rey felt Ben’s lips press against hers, full of a joy that had been absent for far too long. Oscar Isaac“photographed by Jason Nocito for GQ Style Spring 2018 ” News - Star Wars' Past and Future with Marco Grob for Time Magazine. That in one of the first scenes where Ben and Rey interacted (the interrogation) Ben was crouched down, giving the appearance that he was on one knee……. It was love. Oscar Isaac as Cecil in "Revenge For Jolly!" They pulled apart, Rey gazing into Ben’s eyes. Vintage Men. oscar isaac gael garcia bernal pedro pascal diego luna edgar ramirez movie au a concept movie concept Mar 05, 2018 A chimerila è piaciuto Now there was a beautiful quiet, and Ben felt finally free. Beautiful People. Have I mentioned that I love Pedro Pascal because damn, OSCAR WEARING A SHIRT WITH HIM AND JOHN ON IT IS SO ICONIC. Big Tony Stark fan. Very queer. “We’re all the Jedi,” Rey finished, as she and Ben made one final push towards the Emperor, their lightsabers deflecting Palpatine’s power and illuminating his sickening face. She felt it deep inside herself as well. Oscar Isaac Diego Luna Pedro Pascal Star Wars Wallpaper Gq Style Love Stars Celebs Celebrities. Talent: Oscar Isaac: The Two Popes. Off in the distance, They saw the shimmering forms of their Masters, both gazing upon them proudly. Dec 6, 2020 - Explore Donna Miller's board "Pedro Pascal", followed by 244 people on Pinterest. space latinos stickers. Authors Note: I tried to keep this as gender natural as possible. She felt the smoothness of his skin as she looked, in wonder, at the place where his scar once was, and where he was now fully healed. :). pearrlering liked this . Hi, I'm simping pretty hard for Pedro Pascal, Oscar Isaac and Diego Luna. Similar designs Explore similar designs from over 700,000 independent artists. Rey’s thoughts shifted away from the front and with difficulty she turned, ever so slightly, to see Ben. Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal. I love everyone in Team Free Will and thems the facts. we would love to see chris evans, oscar isaac, jack falahee, justin h min, trevande rhodes, anthony mackie, bill skarsgard, idris elba, alfonso herrera, manny montana, casey deidrick, tom hardy, logan lerman, henry golding, rahul kohli, dominic sherwood, ewan mcgregor, diego luna & pedro pascal! crystalized-drumming. Pedro Pascal/Oscar Isaac/Diego Luna simp. Right, you all would be on a mission on a First Order ship, Just when the mission is about to be a success, stormtroopers are coming out of nowhere and constantly shooting (missing all of you because we all know they cant aim), Behind shipping containers, the group would take cover, Finn, Poe, Rey and Y/N would barley miss a shot (best fighters in the resistance of course they don’t miss), One after another stormtroopers are going down until only one is left, Y/N shoots at the one left but a general who came out of nowhere shoots them in the head, Quicky Poe and Finn keep cover as Rey locates the nearest ship and helps you onto it, Poe could barely fly because he would be so worried, Rey would take action trying to do as much as she can, “Is Y/N okay? It was not anger that stirred within, as Palpatine had said. Bernstein & Andriulli. munizart. Bella. your own Pins on Pinterest BB-8 rolled along beside them as they walked, and each knew that the lightsabers needed to be laid to rest where his story - their story - had begun. I... #969696. heliodean. Both of them at peace. Rey felt flames encircle her heart, providing a restlessness, a strength to push one last time. He was stunned by her radiance, and it moved him so much that he grinned from ear to ear. #pedro pascal #oscar isaac #diego luna #first post babyyy #my edit #wash your hands and drink plenty of water in these trying times #and stay home too if you can #space latinos. Enregistrée par Andyië Spicoli. I will try and get them out as soon as possible but keep sending more. bitchy | “Pedro Pascal got his ear bitten by hottie Oscar Isaac” links. Even before the likes of Diego Luna, Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac were integral figures of the Star Wars universe, the George Lucas franchise had a … Lilly. Jun 1, 2019 - Pedro Pascal shares a moment in paradise with GQ. G |She/her | in love with Poe Dameron, Cassian Andor and The Mandalorian, imagine Oscar Isaac, Diego Luna and Pedro Pascal in one Star Wars movie…aka my dream because Star Wars has given me unreal expectations of men but my god i love all three of them with all my heart, Send some Star Wars imagine, headcannons, anything you want. Facing the villager, each responded simply. “Ben and Rey who?”. I need your help! März 1979[1] in Guatemala) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler guatemaltekischer Herkunft. diego luna pedro pascal oscar isaac poe dameron din djarin the mandalorian star wars rogue one cassian andor i love these cuties so much cinnamon rolls who can actually k word you; odetokeons liked this . Wrapping them tightly and securing them with a thin, leather strap, Rey stood up to join Ben, and glanced down at the two instruments, gleaming in the light of the fading suns. She watched, horrified, as one by one, the ships that had responded to the call for help - the call for hope - were ravaged by the Emperor, as their fragments began to litter the night sky, scattering amongst the stars high above. Their faces both glowed with joy, and Rey beamed at the beautiful man sitting before her. A happy ending. He lay motionless, but the life Force, the bond, the soul that they both shared was beginning to stir. Ben and Rey turned to look at one another, and could see the fire within themselves reflected in each others’ eyes. About Dean SPN Liveblog SPN Coffee Commissions. SPN writer enthusiast. Turning to face the villager once more, they responded in unison. Pair these events with Pedro Pascal headlining The Mandalorian, and it appears that Disney is making some real and concerted effort to hire Latino talent.. And the pattern didn’t just start this year. Y/N needs our help!”, Once back on base the group would rush you to the medical bay, Rey could only do so much with the ship first aid kit so now she was worried, They would all be pacing back and forth hoping this could be fixed, Hours later, you were in shock about this, Rey would bring you something from your quarters to feel better, And Poe would come in to lighten the mood with banter, “Hey, you’ll have the coolest battle scar in the whole galaxy!”, “So what if Kylo Ren has a scar on his face, Y/N can actually ROCK that scar.”. $3.74 when you buy 4+ $2.50 when you buy 10+ Finish. After a while, the scar became something (as Poe once said) you could work it. Ca. View size guide. idk i don't make the rules i just enforce 'em #estar guars #oscar isaac #pedro pascal #diego luna #poe dameron #the mandalorian #din djarin #cassian andor Fine Men. Informations complémentaires... Les utilisateurs aiment aussi ces idées Pinterest. Pelis Que Guapo Oscar Isaac Diego Luna Pedro Pascal Inspiración De Vida. Little Mike Wazowski walked so baby Yoda could run, Please do me the honor of accepting my hand. S'inscrire. Now THATS what I’m TALKING about Disney give me all of that #TeamHotLatinoSpaceMen !” Poe would yell from the cockpit, “There a lot of-of um b-blood.” Finn whispered to herself multiple times, “Come on Finn! The same phenomenon was occurring within Ben as well. Oscar Isaac Public Theater Theatre Diego Luna Pedro Pascal Love Stars Pretty Men Best Actor Celebrity Crush Take a First Look at Oscar Isaac in The Public Theater’s Hamlet | Playbill Fresh off two Broadway productions, Tony winner Sam Gold returns downtown to direct the Shakespearean tragedy. Bella 23. We track #latinxcelebs upcoming films featuring latinxs. She thought of Leia, Luke, Han, and all who came before her - that sacrificed themselves for this beautiful life, for Ben, for her. See more ideas about oscar isaac, oscar, isaac. Hommes Qui S'embrassent Amour Acteurs Pedro Pascals Oscar Isaac Beaux Hommes Belles Personnes Diego Luna Adam Sandler. They were completely and wholly unified to form something beautiful, sacred, and pure. For as long as he could remember, there was always someone, something, a voice in his head - Palpatine’s voice, confusing him, manipulating him. Buy me a coffee! She felt compassion penetrate her soul as she lay gazing up at those who risked themselves to fight for all that was good and true in the galaxy. Small (4 x 3 in) Add to cart. He set Luke’s lightsaber down gently, and Rey followed suit with Leia’s. Feb 9, 2020 - Actual human perfection Oscar Isaac. Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal celebrated 2021 in good company!. I spend my time in Dean Winchester’s head. Hot Actors . PEDRO PASCAL & DIEGO LUNA Disney+ Showcase Presentation / D23 Expo / Aug. 23. Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal – best bromance in Star Wars. Lucy Armstrong outfits him in… 2019. Gemini. Feb 8, 2020 - Watch and create more animated gifs like Pedro Pascal Oscar Isaac at gifs.com Ben sensed the tears on her face mingling with his own, as he pulled her closer, relishing in the happiness, acceptance, and love that he had been yearning for for so long. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Barista. or Commission me! Semi-Hiatus/I don't know if I'm worth all this. Jan 3, 2021 - Explore Subha Maheswari's board "Narcos " on Pinterest. Celebitchy is a daily gossip and entertainment blog, started in 2006, which also focuses on liberal politics, royal coverage and fashion. His followers were washed away by this wave, leaving nothing but Ben, Rey, and the charred spot on the stone floor where Palpatine had once stood. Thank you for sending in so request! The disturbance she had felt for so long was gone, and there was a peace that she felt sweeping out from the hall and reaching all corners of the galaxy. The light from Palpatine’s Force was blinding, and the distant sounds of the battle raging above them were overpowered by the roar of the Force that Palpatine had so viciously drained from Ben and Rey. View munizart’s shop. Stickers Tags. I hope you enjoy. Look at the love in his eyes, the pure joy in his face. space latinos oscar isaac, pedro pascal, diego luna Sticker Designed by munizart $4.99. Pedro Pascal, Oscar Isaac e outras amizades latinas e espanholas dos cinemas e séries Por Vitória Pratini — 8 de jan. de 2021 às 16:01 FB facebook TW Tweet Rey turned back to Ben, and at the sight of him felt her heart swell with emotion - with a beautiful, selfless, unconditional love she had never experienced before. Mere feet away from Palpatine, Ben spoke up for the first time. Kylo Ren was gone. https://screenrant.com/mandaloiran-actor-who-plays-under-mask-pedro-pascal I hope this headcanon is good, I’m very new to this. They slid down the sand hill formed from years’ worth of sandstorms and into the hut’s courtyard, stepping backwards into the past of Luke Skywalker’s childhood home. oscar isaac gael garcia bernal pedro pascal diego luna edgar ramirez movie au … imagine Oscar Isaac, Diego Luna and Pedro Pascal in one Star Wars movie…aka my dream because Star Wars has given me unreal expectations of men but my god i love all three of them with all my heart . The villager continued to stare, and tilted her head, seemingly dissatisfied with the vague answers. He moved his hand to direct an attack at Rey and Ben, but both shot their hands out to their sides, summoning their respective lightsabers and igniting them just as Palpatine’s lightning shot straight towards them. PEDRO PASCAL & DIEGO LUNA Disney+ Showcase Presentation / D23 Expo / Aug. 23. As they neared the Emperor, lines of fear began to show within his face, urging them on further towards sealing their destiny. Weitere Ideen zu schauspieler, was soll ich heute anziehen, lässiger mann. Bounty hunters, spice runners, and smugglers….oh my, space baddies who are actually just softies. Oscar Isaac, Diego Luna, and Pedro Pascal are three of the most exciting Hispanic actors in the world, and their DNA results prove they’re not Caucasians. Emerging from the hut, Ben laid down a woven linen cloth in the sand a stone’s throw away from the entrance. The force of it all sent Ben and Rey flying, knocking them back several feet and causing them to land roughly on the cold ground. 2021 started off with quite a bang. Welcome to LatinxCelebs, your daily source for everything related to latinx celebrities and their upcoming projects.

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