electric blue jack dempsey male or female

... One of the examples of an exotic Jack Dempsey is the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. this is my paired EBJD/JD pair, They are responsible for my first batch of BGJD fry. -Electric blue jack Dempsey has his partner. I have a question degrading the dechlorinator, say you are doing a 25% change and you but the hose in, are you putting enough dechlorinator to make up for that new 25% or do you need to do it for the full tank? Peacock bass are very easy to catch in Florida! https://www.cuteness.com/article/difference-female-male-jack-dempsey This is not the case and these cichlids appear in the wild and pass on the blue gene in their natural habitat. U have to pair one regular and one electric and some. cohazard AC Members. There is also a blue variant of this fish which commonly known as the blue Jack Dempsey or electric blue Jack Dempsey. The dorsal fin is lined in red, and the female's overall coloration is subdued compared to the male. The Internet is great for acronyms and this variety is often referred to online as the EBJD — Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. I should love these stunning fish but, I’m quite turned off. But life does happen and I end up more often then not doing a 50% when I notice my tank needs it. These are specifically for cichlids to hide in. -Depends on the deal I come across lol I was thinking maybe a 75? 5 foot log . I think they are awesome fish! That tank I’m talking About Has rainbow fish danios  Congo tetra and rasbora tetra only thing they ate was the neons. Also how much bigger should … Beautiful fish though. Jack Dempsey (Wenatchee) JLA FORUMS - … My dempsey is very active though. By entering this site you declare Piranha Fish Aquarium Size? -Agree with everything but one thing I learnt recently: If you have negledted your tank (I did a lot), never ever do a 75% water change in one row. I had one a while back and it almost killed my oscar twice his size.. -I got guppies which are coming out so they won’t be food, platies mollies pictus cats loaches balas and lots of angels for now til I get pairs and a pair of acaras. That sounds SO weird. Each fish is $50 or BO. Actually, if you have a neglected tank, the best thing to do is 10-15% water changes more often than usual (like maybe every 3-4 days), so the water quality will evolve more gradually to a healthier one and the fish will have time to adapt. How to distinguish male from a female pleco based on the apperance of their vents? -100 gallon . -This is precisely why I decided to go with the electric blue Acara, smaller, but also pretty. Male or Femal EBJD? Today the female picked her own place and doesn't want to get out at all. -My electric blue Jack Dempsey male and Blue Jean female hope they respond soon and I hope my mail is healthy and has recovered from the parasites all I could do is hope.-Hey guys, I’m starting to get out of the fish hobby I don’t want to, I just can’t find a fish I want to keep! The results of the test furnished by Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty proportedly showed that Electric Blue Jack Dempsey are indeed a color morph of octofasciata. Topic: What are good tank mates for an electric blue jack Dempsey? Just looking for any special knowledge on this fish don't need basic info like water conditions. Electric  blues  r more peaceful than regular  n u can set up a community tank  w them . Breeding: Jack Dempsey females lay their eggs on flat rocks on the bottom of the aquarium, and the male fertilizes them, then both parents protect the eggs. Is my Jack Dempsey male or female? electric powered Blues can breed with conventional Dempseys the electrical powered Blue is a smaller morph first of all, and as long because it became the male conventional who became small, there is an exceedingly sturdy probability they might have fertile eggs. Gold Jack Dempsey that carry the Electric Blue Gene do not exhibit the coloration of the Electric Blue and the Platinum Jack Dempsey, but they are an important part of our breeding program that helps to strengthen our lines. I would wait a few more months and try again. I have a 2 1/2... How can you tell the difference between a male and female angel fish? -Feeding large game fish is easy now, they sell frozen minnows at some gas stations near fishing spots for about  $3! It is recommended that the Jack Dempsey cichlid is provided with plenty of places to hide. 3.8k. What Size Needed? Phylum: Chordata 3. Most people buy some of these black pipes that you put in the tank and they love them. My jack Dempsey seems to attack the other fish in the tank and constantly c... Why is my new jack dempsey hiding? Any help? Click here for a lot more about breeding various tropical fish in aquariums. Electric blue Jack Dempsey (How to keep a happy healthy little "Bruiser"). Everyone gets along . I can’t get them to eat anything but live or frozen foods, unlike my brown knifefish and dinosaur bichir they’ll eat anything-i like that. Im pretty sure she is a female by the way they are acting. Since I stoped doing that and treating the water itself like a living thing, and being gentle with it, my fishes are healthier than ever. This variety is thought to be either a morph of wild types developed through selective breeding. They will often claim a cave first and be very aggressive to other tank mates that swim near its home. sometimes cleaning takes more then a hour. If you want a successful bunch of Electric Blue offspring then an electric blue male and a normal Jd female should be paired and they will give you the best results. He just replied to me and said, and I quote, “average 2 years for those he’s seen, and their eyes eventually sink into their head and they go blind”. I have a lot of trouble trying to clean the top layer of gravel under stuff like my drift wood. FOR SALE - San Francisco and Bay Area, CA - Beautiful female Electric Blue Jack Dempsey 4.5 inches long. Jan 10, 2007 #8 The main key with keeping cichlids together is to make sure you have enough hiding spots. No sales please. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Breeding When breeding Blue Dempsey, it is important to notice the signs of readiness for reproduction in the fish in time. As far as I understand . PICK UP in Baltimore only. Male Jack Dempsey has more those gorgeous spots than the male do. That's my male. -Well the standard 8 to 10 years is able to get boring.. I’m good with a shorter span for a far more interesting and enjoyable fish. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Cichlid (Male - 7 inches) (Aurora) $240. I used to have parrot cichlids and such, but ever since I lost my oscar I’ve stopped caring. In addition to their native habitats, … Oct 8, 2020 - The Jack Dempsey is a species of cichlid that is widely distributed across North and Central America. Part of the original species’ charm is in its subtle coloration and the challenge of conditioning it over years to create a stunning adult. It’s a “genes” thing with the EBJD, and I’m unsure what causes such a shorter life span. Posted by 5 … I've had mine for a year now and just sexes them. Popularity: Jack Dempseys have been a very popular aquarium fish for a long-long time. Here is link and photo: Here is a list of fish off the top of my head: -Electric blue jack Dempsey has his partner. ... so far I've seen electric blue rams, nannacara/acara, and jack dempsey. Order: Perciformes 5. Its common name refers to its aggressive nature and strong facial features, likened to that of the famous 1920s boxer Jack Dempsey. I agree the fish is too young to tell yet.. Speckles may still appear as it matures. I don't know if she is scared of him . When ready to reproduce, the female will take on a more gravid appearance. Im pretty sure she is a female by the way they are acting. There should be rocks and roots for them to hide among. Thanks. Also I was wondering about the filter. This is my grow out fry tank 40 gal Breeding long fin Calico Bristlenose Plecostomus. I looked at the vents to me looked like a female but I'm not experienced enough to know forsure. I have some in a tank w roainw sharks angels and discus  and assortment of tetras . Oh, and to answer the question: I water change my planted tank 20% every other week and do filter maintenance once a month, unless it’s needed sooner. The plants should be hardy as the Jack Dempsey will burrow around and attack them. 55 gal Mated pair, 7in Male Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, 6in Female Jack Dempsey 46 gal Pair F1 Frontosa (Mpimbwe) and 8 Peacock. Never bread them but from reading I’ve done. Jack Dempsey (Phoenix) $30. Here is a cool piece I bought a couple weeks ago. -Can you show a picture I need to get ideas for planted and something that will work for an adukt bala aswell. I have two of them and want to add some other fish to my aquarium. you read and agreed to the, How to tell if your goldfish is male or female, How to tell if an angelfish is male or female, Tips for separating male and female guppies, I need help figuring out if my glofish are male or female. -Nah they r friendly compared to regular jacks. Does any one know how to lower PH down to 7.0 The reason is I have a electric blue dempsey and I was told I should lower is PH down. Dimorphism: The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) male will develop an elongated dorsal, and anal fin. They are super active though.. and love to race each other. Meaning he was super dull looking. Commonly referenced to as cichlid caves. 26 comments. I have 8 blue gene Jack Dempsey fish for sale. Mine does seem less aggressive when I think about it. Family: Cichlidae 6. Please help, my Jack Dempsey isn't eating. As soon as I added the female he exploded in color! -I like to try my best to do a 25%-30% water change once a week on the same day. Hello I pick up electric blue jack dempsey. No real limit though. I would say male from the fins and facial markings, but it's very, very hard to tell on such a young fish. Keep with Other Fish, Flowerhorn Not Eating, Head Shrinking, Not Active. About 1 year old. I want to know the gender of my Jack Dempsey that is about 3" long right now. -Is your jack friendly? One of the tanks I maintain. Call for pricing on larger sizes. -Are they game fish bass or peacock bass? One question I have is the sex? Genus: Rocio 8. -hey, bass are carnivorous and have huge mouths! Jack Dempsey female 6/24/12 Courting Jack Dempseys Hello I need some advices on JD's , Yesterday my male Jack Dempsey started chasing the female his skin color is very dark. Worth reading more in case there’s things yo ucan do to extend your fishies life. He has his own cave and doesn't fight any other fish. starting at … Planted . Species: R. octofasciata The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey variety is known to be less aggressive nature compared to standard Jack Dempsey fish. How large a heater do you have on that? A member of the Cichlidae family, which also includes angelfish and discus, the Jack Dempsey fish, or Rocio octofasciata, is native to Central America in places like Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. I’ve always wanted to keep game fish bass. Although the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is often thought of as a hybrid tropical fish or as a result of cross breeding – man made if you will. -Mine was “washed out” when I bought him. 1. Any input would be welcome. -I’m not sure since they live alone with my pleco. Many people in the cichlid community were doubtful over these results, and proclaimed the tests were run incorrectly and only showed mitachondrial DNA. -Enough that Jack Dempsey…..you know the electric blues live rather short lives, right? Of the fry will b electric . By Mike, 5 years ago on Tropical Fish. I have bass that display vivid colors only when they are eating or in ambush mode hiding in the plants. Is my Jack Dempsey male or female? It’s difficult to see, but they will simply be more prone to be attacked by any kind of ilness. Electric Blue Jack dempsey/salvini mix fish (mountain view) $100. The female will have short, rounded fins. I didn’t know they acted differently. You get a bag of about 100 minnows. I heard that having it off for more then a hour kills any beneficial bacteria. Ever. you would be waiting to tell by technique of the third or 4th day. -Most fish that I’ve purchased are dull until I got them home. The male fish also have other physical features such as anal and dorsal fins that are in bright red. -To successfully breed an EBJ you have to breed several times if I remember right you have to breed a son to the mother but it has to carry the EBJ gene but can’t be An actual EBJ then their babies daughter has to breed with the father then you have a chance at half the fry or less being Ebj and the rest will not be the ratio could be less I wanted to breed them a long time ago hope this helps. I’ve read they are often difficult to keep with other fish. I saw a guy on YouTube catching them out of storm drains and sewers! Is a Bristle Nose Pleco a good tank mate for a Jack Dempsey? Sizes range from 3" to 5". The species has got Rocio name by the name of its describer’s wife; in Spanish “rocio” means “dew” and indicates the presence of sparklet-spots in the fish coloring.Specific name of the fish “octofasciata” comes from Latin words “octo” (eight) and “fascia” (a belt or a stripe) and it is translated as “eight-striped”.In fact the fish has definitely more than eight stripes on its body. This is natural genetic mutation. Here is a photo and link: If you don’t like the idea of putting plastic pipes in your tank than you can buy a ceramic cave or driftwood. In the male, the copulative organ becomes more visible, as does the ovipositor in the female. I heard darker substrate and a darker background also helps them to push more vivid coloration. I got that tip from Rachel O’leary (check her channel, it’s great) and it works wonders. I have drift wood in the tank and it doesnt seem to lower the PH. Gorgeous Electric Blue Dempsey breeding female (San Jose) $30. I looked at the vents to me looked like a female but I'm not experienced enough to know forsure. I’m surprised, though, that you can run cold tap water into the tank, even gradually, after a major change and not have any problems. Identification. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish variety is a bit smaller than regular Jack Dempseys but has an iridescent “electric blue” color. View entire discussion ( 26 comments) More posts from the Aquariums community. *Awarded Answer He eats well and is very colorful and eats anything that i put in the tank. I’m hoping myn won’t bother my angels 125g 6ft. Apr 6, 2004 1,359 0 36 35 Visit site. the PH from the new water will be almost sure different from the one in the tank, and it will damage the fish. It gives them great hiding places and helps to control aggression. Kingdom: Animalia 2. Sicknesses to watch for. share. My 3 inch warmouth swallowed a full grown pregnant Gambusia. Class: Actinopterygii 4. -Hey, my buddy, owns “Todd’s Tropical Fish Store” in Denver, for 18 years, his father had that store, and before him his grandfather. Subfamily: Cichlasomatinae 7. See more ideas about cichlids, aquarium fish, jack dempsey fish. Posted by Chris W: There are a lot of good fish to keep with electric blue Dempsey’s. Jack Dempsey fish is n… 2 electric won’t produce electric . save hide report. -I usually go more than 3 weeks without a water change, I keep a very low bio load and a very high plant load which means Plants do most of the filtration in my tank, reason I go 3 weeks is partly because of laziness and other part is would like my tank to cope for atleast 3 weeks without a water change, because I usually take 3 weeks of vacation every year…. It’s only a 55 sand bottom for the two of them but I plan to upgrade. One of the most popular tropical aquarium cichlids, the Jack Dempsey is named for its similarity, both in facial appearance and aggressive behavior, to the legendary boxer. The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey requires an aquarium of at least 50 gallons, with a fine sand bottom. Any input would be welcome. NIBCO 5810 3 H x H x H 45 Wye ABS, Pack of 20, Penn-Plax Deco-Replicas Granite Aquarium Ornament & Hideaway 8 Piece Set – Realistic Stone Appearance – Safe for Freshwater and Saltwater Tanks – Small, Medium, and Large, Gray, Model Number: RR1070, question degrading the dechlorinator, say. – I’m eventually going to have to try the fill-hose method, as I’m getting so sick of buckets. 738 738. Also how much bigger should I go for the two of them? Size of Electric Blue Acara. If a fish can runaway and hide things will be much better. It obviously needs it but my siphon is too big. Hello, i got an electric blue jsck demps... Jack dempsey laying on side but still alive? https://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/cichlid/ElectricBlueJackDempsey.php Now I must learn more! Both males and females are available. Jack Dempsey … $30.00 cash. The one I had that almost killed my oscar was a regular jack. Their grills and scales will suffer. I need fish that get alone with electric blue jack Dempsey’s. I want to know the gender of my Jack Dempsey that is about 3" long right now. Color of Electric Blue Acara. Flowerhorn Tank Mates? I was thinking female as the top fin is round at end but might be to young yet.

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