Monthly Practice Group

The first Tuesday of every month 19.00 to 21.45

Bucharest (in English)

NVC Practice Groups

Would you like to reconnect to the energy of NVC by living it among like-hearted people and also sharpen your communication skills? Welcome to a monthly group where we practice NVC process and skills by:
  • giving and receiving feedback to each other
  • speaking up when things are stimulating (either in a good way or not so good way)
  • doing exercises on a particular topic set in advance
  • replaying a recent situation to see how it might have been different
  • preparing for an upcoming difficult conversation.

For most meetings I will set a theme – taking into account any requests you have. There will be place for empathy during each meeting, though please note I do not intend this be a therapy group for healing – it is for connection, practice and learning.


To Participate

I request you are familiar with the basics of NVC including the intention behind the approach, the ‘4 steps’, NVC honesty and NVC empathy. To get this you will probably have attended a minimum of 2 workshops on NVC.



The group will be hosted and facilitated (in English) by Ian Peatey (Certified Trainer in NVC). Contact me


Practical Details

When: Meeting first Tuesday of every month 19.00 to 21.45.

Where: Bucharest – you will be given details in the monthly invitation after you register.

Money: You are welcome to join without paying anything but it would meet some of my needs if you do give me money.  Please decide how much you would like to pay (if anything) for each meeting according to your financial means. I suggest this is in the range of 50 to 100 RON (or €12 to €25) and I’m open to receive more or less than this. I want money to serve us and not be a barrier or an obligation.

How to pay: My preferred way to receive money is through PayPal (click here). If you would like to send money a different way the please contact me to discuss options.



Please use the sign-up form below to register for the group. Once you are signed up I will invite you to each meeting every month – you do not need to attend every meeting and can come as often as you wish.