Online NVC Practice Group

The last Wednesday of every month 19:00 to 21:30 (RO time)

A practice group for people wanting to continue to learn and build NVC into their daily lives and the online format is especially suited for people who do not have easy access to face to face meetings.

The topics for each meeting will be developed together based on recent and current situations we face – with an opportunity to practice and get coaching and feedback from each other as well as one to one empathy.

To participate I request you are familiar with the basics of NVC including the intention behind the approach, the ‘4 steps’, NVC honesty and NVC empathy. To get this you will probably have attended a minimum of 2 workshops on NVC.

The group will be hosted and facilitated (in English) by Ian Peatey.(Certified Trainer in NVC).

Practical Details

When: Last Wednesday of every month 19:00 to 21:30 (Romania time).

Technical:  to participate you will need:

  • computer or tablet
  • reliable internet connection (ideally fast through a cable though wireless should be ok)
  • camera and microphone (preferably a headset with built-in microphone)

We are using Zoom for the practice group – you do not need an account or any special software – you will receive the necessary sign-in details and instructions a few days before each group meeting.

Money: You are welcome to join without paying anything but it would meet some of my needs if you do give me money.

Please decide how much you would like to pay (if anything) for each meeting according to your financial means. I suggest this is up to 100 RON (or €25) and I’m open to receive more or less than this. I want money to serve us and not be a barrier or an obligation.

Before each group I will send out more details to those signed up and you will receive information about how you can get money to me.


Please use the sign-up form below to register for the group. Once you are signed up I will invite you to each meeting every month. You do not need to attend every meeting.


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