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This facilitates simplified construction compared to conventional parking garages. The MORE PARK ® System is the lowest-cost parking deck available, it is completely demountable and can be used either in a permanent or semi-permanent manner, but can be dismantled and transported to another site and reused an unlimited number of times. From Airports and Railways to Hospitals and Cities we are the parking problem fix. One of the major advantages of steel buildings is the ease with which they can be refurbished and adapted. This system of static slab loading with simultaneous prestressing ensures maximum protection against the formation of cracks in the concrete. 16.00 meters long and 2.50 meters wide as standard. A demountable modular floor for watertight raised decks consisting of a plurality of modularly assemblable composite slabs made of steel sheet and concrete, provided with a drainage system for collecting and conveying the rainwater between the slabs, wherein each composite slab comprises a bottom element (1) made of corrugated metal sheet surrounded by four suitably shaped metal … Sysdex provide a complete modular construction which is fast to install, demountable, with parking ramp design, available as single deck or multi storey car park with multi level car parking.. Sysdex modular car parks apply an off site build to include all fixtures and fittings which are later connected on site. Num. K2 Modular Parking is a multi storey car park constructor/builder located in Kent,United Kingdom (UK) providing temporary/permanent solutions. It can, of course, also be built as a permanent structure – fully tailored to your planning and requirements. If so, you need a modular Preflex® Parking Garage – the innovation in parking garage construction from CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER! By shifting production to the manufacturing facility, better and more consistent quality can be guaranteed compared with cast on-site concrete parking garage decks. Cost Books. Contact Info 42a High Street, Broadstairs Traductions en contexte de "a parking deck" en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : We offer you high-class comfort as well as an underground garage and a parking deck. Car parks with a lightweight roof over the top parking deck; 946 space Car Park adjacent to railway and local housing in Guildford 600 spaces on 5 levels developed by Safeway Stores plc for Aylesbury Vale District Council Refurbishment. In the shortest possible time, we and our team design and build your Preflex® Parking Garage in proven quality. These unique, prefabricated parking garage elements are approx. Used only on multi-storey car parks the GRP element is utilised on the top floor providing a watertight roof which is also a parking deck.Using this method of construction, it allows all other trades to work on the levels below in a controlled environment without stoppages due to inclement weather. Deliver, set up, ready: The Preflex® Parking Garage creates additional parking spaces in no time at all. PHOTO GALLERY 2. The beauty of steel decking is its modular construction. Archatrak ‘StreetDeck’ is a complete ready-to-assemble ‘Parklet’ and modular deck kit for creating contained street seating and outdoor dining – typically situated in place of one or two parking spot. Let yourself be inspired – by your Preflex® Parking Garage. When you need flexible, quick-to-build car parking space, modular car parks are ideal. Delivery of the standardized parking garage elements prefabricated in the C + P factory. Brought to you by Gordian, RSMeans data provides accurate and up-to-date construction estimating cost data that helps owners, architects, cost engineers, contractors and others to precisely project and control the cost of both new building construction and renovation projects. Amusement Park Roller Coaster Board Game, Modular Parking Deck PNG PNG. SAFETY SIGNS Safety Signs are used to warn employee safety […] Copyright ©2021. TRAFFIC & PARKING SIGNS Traffic and Parking Signs to be applied for control traffic, indicating road hazards, safeguard pedestrians and designate parking areas. Foundation costs can vary with soil properties, but if we assume a basic spread footing at $15/sf, we get $450,000. Or you may not actually know how things will develop in future and would like to be able to disassemble your parking deck or garage again and/or sell it? Immediately after construction the Preflex® Parking Garage is fully load-bearing and therefore passable. The easy way to your modular parking garage. To provide a practical example, an existing parking area of 6.000 sqm might be taken possession of for a maximum of 30% of its net parking surface at any given time. This innovative approach creates a high level of flexibility and is also highly sustainable, because the parking garage is not only easy and fast to erect; it is equally easy to disassemble and then reassemble again at a different location. Modular Parking System is an ingenious construction with wide-reaching market implications. Adding modular decks to existing car parking space can be a very efficient and cost-effective way to free up more land to develop facilities, giving the flexibility to create specialist isolation hubs, to keep the main hospital buildings operating normally or simply to expand capacity. R-40 Modular (1-1/8" tall) C-60 Modular (1-5/8" tall) Modular aluminum decking - supports 100 lbs. Parking Garage Square Foot Cost Assuming Reinforced Concrete / Steel Frame. As a result, existing parking areas can be enlarged by adding more levels and thus additional parking spaces for trucks are created. 0 likes. To double the parking surface by means of a light steel single-deck car park system. No matter whether you need 10, 100 or 1,000 parking spaces - the Preflex® Parking Garage is always a good solution. Parking space is no longer just a topic in inner cities, but increasingly along motorways. A modular parking deck located at the Prentiss Place lot, west of the Zoo near North McLean Boulevard, could produce up to 240 additional spaces, the release said. Please contact us! For instance temporarily, in order to cope with capacity peaks? The structure comprises 120 panel elements that are distributed over 3 levels. This makes it quick to install at a fraction of the price of conventional car parking. This translates unequivocally in considerable budget and schedule benefits, plus other special features that might be of particular interest to you and that you will discover in the following pages. They are large enough for two car parking spaces – arranged perpendicularly or diagonally – and a lane in the middle. This is because the individual parking garage elements are delivered in prefabricated form and simply need to be installed on-site. When marketing the Preflex® Parking Garage, C + P also offers the product as a rental property - precisely because it is quick and easy to set up and can be dismantled just as quickly. Within 3 months 30 panel elements per week were assembled, independently of the weather conditions, making a total of 350 installed panel…. PNG (72dpi) Aloki Send Message. Dipl.-Ing. 80.80 KB. Traffic and Parking signs are available in aluminum and galvanized steel frames, as well the modern LED electronics. Tindall had several unique challenges to solve with this project, all conquered through creative precast solutions. Approximately after 6 weeks the whole of the ground floor will have been re-open to the public, while after additional 3 weeks the top floor will have been inaugurated. 2 … Within just a few months C + P erected a turnkey employee parking garage using the Preflex® construction method that offers 320 parking spaces. December 10, 2017. Modular Car Park Enhance your business with additional parking space. The Preflex® Parking Garage is not only simple and fast to construct; it can also be equally easily and rapidly disassembled and then re-used at another location. Or perhaps your company is growing quickly and you need to expand your existing parking space instantly? Modular decks such as StreetDeck can enable restaurants and cafes to offer areas of additional outdoor seating that not only abide with any social distancing requirements, but provide an attractive and restful place to enjoy the company of others. HUBER is synonymous for full-service in innovative car park solutions. Assembly of the panel elements on the construction site – largely independent of the weather. We create different possible versions of your parking garage and alternative offers according to your individual requirements. Fast construction delivers cost savings. They are fully capable of bearing loads immediately following installation. Versamods™ Modular Deck panels are a lighter and stronger alternative deck material ideal for rooftop decks, do-it-yourself projects, docks, and marinas. The system also achieves a level of financial flexibility never seen before: The Preflex® Parking Garage - that can be disassembled and then reassembled again at a different location - is resalable. Modular and Versatile The Another Level demountable parking deck solution can be any size from 8 to 800 car park capacity and can also be used for site cabins, storage, helicopter pads; basically anything that you need to store above an existing car park. The composite steel-reinforced concrete slab, made from a special concrete formulation, takes the form of a single-axis stressed slab. Byrd Street Parking Deck Richmond, VA. Plus, by … The steel deck is sturdy and long lasting. The structure sits on wide metal feet so there is normally no need to dig foundations or worry about underground services. This also delivers a new level of sustainability in parking garage construction. Ulrich MetzChief Executive Officer. You should always have a roof if you are using steel decking as the steel cannot be waterproofed. The steel deck car park is very quick to erect on site, and easily de-mountable if the building is relocated later. : UK-9679813, Displaceable: no need to think long term, relocation at a fraction of initial investment, Don’t build, pick from the shelf: array of products customized for market segment, Phased installation involving minimal revenue and usage disruption, Installable in tightest areas such as medieval town centers, Displaceable and expandable, but built to exceed lifespan of conventional buildings, Expandable decks: buy small today and enlarge when needed, Waterproofed concrete decks, minimal noise during use, Over 20.000 car spaces supplied to the parking industry in Europe and the Middle East, Hassle free way to increase parking capacity, Minimize anti-fire measures with a largely ventilated structure, Viable in archaeological sites: no excavation required for single decks. Our scope of products ranges from sound planning and financial consultation to solid construction systems and on to maintenance and care or even the complete operation of car parks. To do this, it is only necessary to disassemble the individual components of the parking garage, the so-called Preflex® modules, load them onto trucks and transport them to the new site. Car Park Construction by a Specialist. For comparison: The time required for assembling a conventional parking deck, from the start of construction to accessibility for traffic, normally takes anything from several weeks to several months – the Preflex® Parking Garage can, depending on its size, be built and taken into use in anything from one day to a few weeks. Bourne Parking | Bourne Parking recognised the growing need for parking & are responsible for the creation of over 35,000 spaces | View all Parking Projects What we offer today has been distilled over the last 25 years of experience in the effort to think a car parking unit as a durable piece of equipment rather than a building. The portable parking structure comprised of a parking deck and ramp, rails, and fencing elevated on support columns, all assembled over an existing parking lot to increase the number of usable parking spaces. It offers freedom to deal with parking space capacity peaks, without taking incalculable investment risks. Online. 1. The top deck is typically 45% of the total cost, the 5″ slab on grade for the lower level is about $160,000 and the topping slab on the top deck is about $100,000. One possible solution: truck parking decks in Preflex® construction. 140 views. Each square measures 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres and the kit includes pre-cut lengths of decking, a slot assembly sub frame and pre-notched joists. Removable modular floor for waterproof increased deck Download PDF Info Publication number DE60003649T2. Versadeck's coating is 60-80 mils THICK . Galvanized steel supports the earth-friendly nature of this parking solution. Parking structure 10 has an upper deck comprised of a plurality of preassembled modular deck panels 12-28 which are mounted in situ onto a steel framework 30 that is erected at the desired parking location. Who hasn't experienced that already: clogged motorway rest stops, parked trucks on service areas and service lanes. Create octagonal decking, benches and stairs easily. Using the system in this way means that the structure does not depreciate in value and there are no difficult-to-recycle reinforced concrete parts after dismantling - as is normal with conventional parking garages. If so, you need a modular Preflex® Parking Garage – the innovation in parking garage construction from CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER! From single deck, foundationless, temporary, to multy–storey architecturally sophisticated car parks, we provide architects and/or final clients invaluable support to reach a viable solution quickly. Modular Parking Garage Fort Meade, MD . Thanks to its modular design, it is particularly flexible in use, whether for the enlargement of an existing parking lot (parking space extension) or for the development of a completely new area. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) They allow you to have exactly the space you want while keeping costs low and construction times short. Edifice has been selected as the Prime Contractor to provide Design+Build services for the installation of a modular parking structure to expand capacity serving two existing lots on the MPO Campus at Fort Meade. A multi-level design is also possible. Traductions en contexte de "parking decks" en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : Narrow walkways, building entrances or underground parking decks can be cleaned easily. Siderpark Ltd - Reg. It is simultaneously a prestressed steel-concrete composite structure in the longitudinal slab axis of the upper flange. It can be used to make an existing surface car park into twin-deck parking or to add an additional deck to a multi storey car with roof-top parking. Grand total is roughly $2.5million for 200 parking spaces or $12,500 per space. Do you quickly and easily need more parking spaces? The system is a portable parking structure comprised of a parking deck and ramp, rails, and fencing elevated on support columns, all assembled over an existing parking lot to increase the number of usable parking spaces. Our Modular Decking Kits are easy to build modular decking squares. 709x709. Products. (UK) +44 3332300451 | (DE) +49 15901367966 | (FR) +33 170615467 | (IT) +39 062055799, Parking de la Gare, Valenciennes, France, 2007 (257 parking spaces), Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi Area Lunghe Soste, Bologna, Italy, 1999 (1500 parking spaces), Designer Outlet, Barberino del Mugello (FI), Italy, 2011 (760 parking spaces), Cintra Aparcamientos Politecnica, Merida, Spain, 2009 (356 parking spaces), Maternity Car Park, Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, UK, 2004 (232 parking spaces), Oxford Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK, 2006 (314 parking spaces), Parking Bordeaux Armagnac Gare de St. Jean, Bordeaux, France, 2009 (433 parking spaces), Parcheggio Rebibbia, Roma, Italy, 2010 (468 parking spaces), Ada Ciganljia 2, Belgrade, Serbia, 2008 (500 parking spaces), Aeroporto Orio al Serio - Area di sosta P2, Bergamo, Italy, 2005 (1374 parking spaces), Saint Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth, UK, 2005 (265 parking spaces), Discover why we offer the lowest price per additional car space, Discover our successfully completed projects at shopping malls, Discover our successfully completed projects at hospitals, Discover our successfully completed projects at dealership. Related Images. You tell us what you need and we will tailor the parking solution to your needs - permanently or temporarily, for sale or for rent. In accordance with the static requirements, the steel girders and composite steel-reinforced concrete slab are prestressed according to plan and are built to exceed the static design load requirements. All-steel car parks can be completely taken down, relocated and re-used. We ship in many countries our modular prefabricated steel frame parking structures. Building made easy: The Preflex® Parking Garage, an innovation in parking garage construction, guarantees the largely weather-independent and fastest possible assembly and is fully capable of bearing loads - and is therefore accessible to cars - immediately following construction.

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