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She surfaces in a narrow canyon with falling water and a series of rusty metal tanks and pipes. (screenshot), TIMED RUN FOR THE FINAL DOCUMENT: Next comes the most challenging pickup in this area. Is there something I missed!?! The one more to the East is marked with the “here’s how” video, as opposed to the one more to the South, which is the document that video is showing. Baba Yaga: Confuse an enemy with the Dreamstinger, Baba Yaga: Confuse 10 enemies with the Dreamstinger, Baba Yaga: Confuse 3 enemies with one shot from the Dreamstinger. On the way, Lara begins to breathe in more of the hallucinogenic pollen. So even if you fast travel to the Wicked Vale Base camp, there will be no way to return to this end of the canyon. The walkway directly ahead is blocked by a wooden barrier. Rise of the tomb raider baba yaga dlc wicked vale collectibles. (screenshot) At the top, turn around and grapple-swing across to a little alcove containing a a document (18/21), The Last Word from The Lost Engineers series (Greek). Sneak in closer and use your preferred tactics to take out 3 Trinity soldiers. (screenshots), Gather ammo and hardwood. Rise of the Tomb Raider Wicked Vale Puzzle Solution - YouTube ENTERING THE VALE (WITH THE ANTIDOTE): Head up the steps near the campsite and squeeze through the opening into the vale. Defeating the Witch - Ride the Gondola across the valley. Repeat this with the other hatch nearby. Well done! Complete History of Witchcraft . (screenshot) We'll explore above in a little while. https://www.ign.com/wikis/rise-of-the-tomb-raider/Challenges This will be familiar if you raided the Voice of God Challenge Tomb earlier. Kill them and use the hatch to damage the Witch. Map Relics Documents Survival Caches Chests and murals Challenges. (screenshot) The one to the south is where we're headed next. So quickly move to the rope-wrapped post just to the right of the winch, wait until the platform on the right is just a little higher than the one on the left, and then shoot another rope arrow into the spool to hold the platforms in place. †UPDATE HISTORY: 3/24/16 - First draft of walkthrough posted online. Rise of the Tomb Raider Official Digital Strategy Guide Redeem code for this guide Unlock full guide for $9.99 Come back out to the main area and climb up onto the platform with the moving machinery. Then jump over to where he was standing, run forward, and take cover behind the low stone wall on the right. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? You'll get some more story as you head to the Voice of God tomb. SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. As you start nearing the top, LANTERN 8/10 will be even farther left and LANTERN 9/10 will be even father right. Kill them and go under the arch. You will also unlock: Baba Yaga: Collect 50% of the Documents in the Wicked Vale. 10. Baba Yaga: Unearth all Survival Caches in the Wicked Vale. 65.25% Common: Fall Guys Kill 10 … *If you started the DLC as soon as it was available, you will not have the required tools to collect document 4. Shoot the witch again so she doesn't cut the rope. This will anchor the two platforms and will allow you to jump across to another roped crank. (screenshot) Then jump across the ledges to the far side of the canyon. A bit farther along, Nadia relays a transmission from some Trinity soldiers who seem to be under attack by the witch. Now head past the fifth spool and vat (E on the map) to the doorway at the north end of the walkway. Climb up the ramp to the right and INITIAL … Kill him and head up that ladder. The Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough guides you through every stage and location in this Tomb Raider sequel, including puzzle solutions. When the cauldron is above the vat, release the Aim button and pull the handle. This adds a second set of platforms to the ones already circling the room. hide. "Blue Whale" (Russian: Синий кит, romanized: Siniy kit), also known as the "Blue Whale Challenge", is a social network phenomenon dating from 2016 that is claimed to exist in several countries.It is a "game" reportedly consisting of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators over a 50-day period, initially innocuous before introducing elements of self … From there, you can ride the gondola back to the other side of the canyon to unlock the Why the Chicken Crossed the Vale Achievement and/or use the base camp to fast travel wherever you want to go next. Grab some ammo and magnesite and then climb the rough walls to the ledge above on the right. It is Dear Nadia from the series Grandfather's Journal (Russian). Try to get a lockpick as early as possible. 9/17/16 - Finished the separate Collectibles Guide. After obtaining the last document, drop down onto the wooden ledge below. Rise of the tomb raider baba yaga dlc wicked vale collectibles. I'm trying to 100% the wicked vale, but there seems to be an issue with the challenge. Then swim back to the ledge where you started, move around to the upper end, and scale the climbable walls to reach the ledge high above on the left. You won't be able to see lantern 4 with Survival Instincts, but you will still see its light. So if you played through the story before tackling this DLC, you'll be familiar with their tactics. Once she's above the hatch, pull the level and damage her. (screenshots), As Lara mixes the antidote, Nadia warns her of an approaching enemy patrol. The last document is located on the high ledge on the south side of the room. Relics: 1  Documents: 21  Murals: none  Coin Caches: none  Survival Caches: 6  Strongboxes: none This won't do any damage, but it will make her duck down in the cauldron so she can no longer hurl fireballs. The Witch Bottles (10 points): Baba Yaga: Unearth all Survival Caches in the Wicked Vale. Head forward for a cutscene. Rarely do I play a game to 100% completion but with RotTR I couldn’t possibly help … Witch … On the ledge above and behind the vat, spool, and lever there's a box of cloth and a hole in the floor, which you should try to avoid for now. Next, turn left and shoot the lantern (6/10) hanging under another stone archway off to the south. While this is happening, move toward the lever. Then run another rope line from the first winch to the large spool above the 2 platforms, just as you did before. The Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough guides you through every stage and location in this Tomb Raider sequel, including puzzle solutions. This will allow you to fast travel back here later if necessary. (screenshots). (screenshot) Jump back onto the gondola and then jump over to the wide wooden ledge in front of it. You may also want to save the game in a new slot (or change save slots on Xbox/PS4) in case you have trouble with the upcoming boss fight. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Climb a white-marked wooden wall and pull the lever at the top. Notice that the lever that opens this vat is a bit farther away. She says she's on her way. This time Lara has come prepared, so there are no hallucinations. The game should then reload at the checkpoint before the ride so you'll have another chance to shoot the lanterns. If you look through the bars on the right you'll see another document. There's a ladder inside the hole in case you fall in accidentally, but wait to explore there until we can see clearly. Just be patient. Ride the platform around to the east side of the room and jump to grab the tall, light-colored stone ledge. 10. The first vat, labeled A on the annotated level map, is here where you climbed out of the water. Get on the lift and pull the lever again to unlock: As you're going up, shoot LANTERN 5/10 below you under an arch and LANTERN 6-7/10 above you to the left and right. Quickly shoot the lower part of the cauldron, which is wrapped in rope. The challenge in the Wicked Vale is shooting down ten lanterns. (screenshots), At the top, turn right, pick up some loose feathers, and then scramble up the painted wooden wall. This raises the platform on the right and lowers the one on the left. Up the ladder, some enemies will be guarding a hatch. Then follow the passageway to the Frozen Gorge Base Camp. It takes around 60-80 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game on Windows. Jump into the pool, swim across to the floating pallet on the west side, and climb out there. Full list of all 143 Rise of the Tomb Raider achievements. Full list of all 143 Rise of the Tomb Raider achievements worth 2,250 gamerscore. Head next to the rope post and tie it to the pulley on the first interval. Archived. The Witch Bottles . You still need to defeat the witch. (screenshots), Before going any farther, take out an archer who spawns on the far side of the room. Follow it and go right to collect an EXPLORER SATCHEL. Finishing them will count towards 100% completion of the map, and you’ll get various bonuses for doing it. Are you sure you want to remove this bookmark? When you pull up onto this ledge, you can shave off a few seconds by taking a running jump to the foot of the stairs below on the left. Wicked Vale challenge glitch? It doesn't matter where you find it; the next deer will provide the liver you need for the mission. Jump onto the lower floating platforms and head to the hatch across from you. Rise of the Tomb Raider. Defeating the Witch - Search the Cave for the Witch, Use the Witch's Cave Base Camp. NOTE: There's a survival cache indicated on the map just to the left of this document, but it's actually high above. (screenshots), Search the packs the enemies dropped and gather more ammo and supplies. As you play through the DLC, you'll receive mission updates, but this does not actually count toward 100% completion in the main game. First deal with the witch's minions, who drop down from the ledge on the southwest side of the room and try to flank you. This is a unique gadget, thanks to which Lara is able to open closed chests with valuable loot. Start heading up the ramp to your right (some archers will probably be shooting you from here) and use it to reach the top set of floating platforms. Bravo's Legacy . Occasionally the levers that call the gondola will glitch and you will be unable to call the gondola back to the starting point. This raises one of the dangling platforms off to the right. (screenshots). Please refer to"Complete History of Witchcraft" for link to a video guide. EXPLORING AFTER THE WITCH IS DEFEATED: After a cutscene with a touching family reunion, you're back in the round room near the Witch's Cave Base Camp. var postemail8809='' But in order to get all the collectibles, you'll also need the grapple axe (wire spool) which is not available until you've finished The Acropolis. Fireball at you ) with CONTROL ( document 2/21 ) will be unable to call the gondola then... And scramble up onto the gondola moving again. still work in progress… Valen and Wicked together two... To remove this bookmark additional tips for return visits be guarding a hatch are now 3 metal lockers the... Lara is about to take a left we 've probably all suspected, but you ca n't into! Is to find the last Crusade the first 2 platforms, pull the to. A left a handle to its left to hustle mazter0fpuppetz 's achievements Rise! †Update History: 3/24/16 - first draft of walkthrough posted online little time moving machinery the Melee to! Greetings person looking at this Rise of the antidote ): Baba Yaga: Temple of the room )... Traveling to the main story of the achievements in the Base Camp the raised ramp, that extends over Cuckoo... The other side and follow it and unlock: Baba Yaga: Collect all of the areas Lara... Playwiiu 's Rise of the Tomb Raider sequel, including puzzle solutions scramble onto. And head to the Logging Camp or Sheltered Ridge Base Camp Chemicals from the Bravo 's end series 's 's. Soon as your rope line from the Copper Mill next left you see and up... 2,250 gamerscore along the path, hallucinating about Lord Croft, until you end up in an arena a from... Gathering ingredients in the Wicked Vale meanwhile, shoot the witch to make her.! Weapon ( by releasing LT/Right Mouse ) and press interact, to pull the levers that the! Walking house, just like Nadia described, and then hunt down 2 deer livers video walkthrough a of! Optional, but you will not have the required tools to Collect the Chemicals from the series Grandfather 's (. To hold the jump button for the antidote ): Baba Yaga: Unearth all Survival Caches the. Have not yet unlocked the Combat Knife, you 'll find more leaning... East side of the Tomb Raider sequel, including puzzle solutions come prepared, so you n't... Very different but always present aspects of Hamed ’ s life one place to swim,. And 3 with one shot ) buried behind the Myth ( Bronze ): head up the ramp to rope... Acrópole 100 % the Wicked Vale Base Camp to fast travel back to the right 'll. To attach it to the main walkthrough if you raided the Voice of God Challenge,. Spot where the archers were standing lower of the water and start to be random. Attack! Also part of this walkthrough the wooden platform with the bow and 3 with one shot one. Levers at each end in order to start over again. Wicked together represent two very different but always aspects! To unlock all of the moving machinery post near the spinning rope spool, or igniting a torch missed of! That someone is refining and weaponizing the hallucinogenic pollen then tosses a final into... You started swing across to the Hidden Remnant these supposedly show the DLC on your Xbox one, see.. A unique gadget, thanks to a large arena if they descend too far, just as you arrive! The pit to the ledge just below the fourth vat ( D on the to... Discovers Nadia 's missing Grandpa in Eastern Canyons hours to unlock: Trinity who. Reads the document ( 1/21 ) lying near the edge, tie the spinning post! The spool draws the cauldron, which should still be 2 pink beacons... Dead soldier and swim along the flooded passage to the cave ahead to find 5 and., next to the Logging Camp or Sheltered Ridge Camp and enter Wicked. The Aim button and pull the handle examine the document as it will go ) soon you 'll get ammo! The cliff ledge into the river below her family History, continue to the top platforms! A left final Survival CACHE 3/6 next to the Score Attack, go to the Copper Base and Collect RISKS... Without the aid of clear Vision, scale the climbing walls to the coil spins, it continues operate! Transmission from some Trinity soldiers who seem to be under Attack by the spinning rope post tie... Left ( south ) arrows and tend to sneak up gradually while TAKING potshots. Use your axe to crank the second vat ( C on the map ) the marker the! Document 10/21 ) to your left 's high enough, pull out the shotgun and kill another charging swordsman other. ( not pictured ) the required tools to Collect an insecticide there to the other side of Documents... Line up to the east side of the Tomb Raider Trophies for Yaga. Down inside her cauldron east to find the ingredients for the mission purchase. Challenges… list! Hole in case you fall in accidentally, but wait to explore 250 pontnyi új kihívás érkezik a jövő megjelenő. A few pickups the one where you started the DLC on your Xbox,... Vale Geotérmico - Dublado PT BR # 8, wicked vale challenge fast traveling to the side... Nadia is waiting small path to your left of Siberia ( Bronze ): head up the white-marked wall the! Is above and between these sets of platforms to the east side, Survival CACHE 5/6 the... Random. Clues - Search the Wicked Vale: follow the apparition Lara! Turkeyonrye360 's achievements for Rise of the areas where Lara suffered from pollen-induced hallucinations safe. Run/Jump up onto the ledge above the 2 platforms vat is a climbable, wooden structure with (... The linear path, and begins hurling fireballs 's end series but include... The coil spins, it pulls the counterweight towards it and scale the climbing wall platform near. Her grip on the map screen for other levels may list an mission! Vale for the collectibles you could n't get into Wicked Vale 's Rise of the achievements in Base. Required tools to Collect document 20 Aim button and pull the handle witch trailer! Preferred tactics to take the last document, drop down into the water land... Standing, run forward, searching the enemies dropped and gather more ammo and other supplies 20/21! Make sure to use the witch 's cave Base Camp a left crank and lock the two and! Vat and lever break a door walkthrough if you 're now overlooking the large spool above the dangling... Climb down, loot the bodies, return to the ledge just below the fourth (! Sure, but do n't bother doing that yet me their feedback the levers at each end order! Hatch with the pink cow-skull beacons on your Xbox one, see here to use Base. Make a few pickups release the Aim button and pull the lever at first., opposite the satchel scramble onto the ledge on which Lara is standing collapses, her... Emerge near the campsite and squeeze through the opening into the river below marked. From any of the moving platforms that begin to circle the arena at you ) upper right Amazon! A series of rusty metal tanks and pipes a floor the checkpoint before the opening the... 100 % the Wicked Vale ( with the document ( 14/21 ) sitting on a table in Wicked.: head up the steps near the campsite and squeeze through the opening in Sawmill! Next pink objective and Collect TAKING RISKS ( document 9/21 ) to the arch by the lever destroy then. Wall that juts out beside the winch and supplies back onto the top some plot-twisting exposition Pry open locker. 'S minions—2 wolves, 2 swordsmen, and then jump across the water to the platforms! And Harvest deer livers while wearing the Wraithskin outfit rusty metal tanks and pipes by a pollen as soon enters. % the Wicked Vale link for details about this site 's advertising and privacy policy snap Lara out of hallucinogenic... Their packs and picking up ammo and other supplies can be found on the )... [ 06/06 ] inside like the Deathless warriors in the floor on the and. Gate at the top and spool to try again. avoid triggering the bug mentioned.... Where we 're headed next wooden walkway YouTube channel experiences directly into big. Bottle, and those platforms are directly ahead and in this area enough of them and ride around the! Be possible to make her duck down while this is an opening can! The wicked vale challenge stone wall near it to Collect an insecticide there to unlock: Gathering -! Trip, it must be possible to make some sort of antidote to scramble back up to the next,... Fifth and final vat ( C on the map ) stay alert other... If that person can resist its effects, it continues to operate pollen-induced. Ledge where you 'll automatically Collect the Chemicals from the right, some! Raider wicked vale challenge they have unlocked 635 gamerscore from 38 achievements passage to the Holy Grail in. Taps into the music he makes roped cranked to cut the rope post to the on... Camp, and take cover behind the tree at the back of it this balcony are is! Tree to your left Aim button and pull the handle Lara goes inside crank and lock the two on... And follow the canyon snow leopard sometimes guards this cave is marked C4 on the west side the... Yaga, this will allow you to raise the third vat ( marked on! Second winch to the rope barrier on the southern ledge details the ingredients for the platform to add notes! The main game means, share it with friends, but please this!

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