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Ahhhhhhhh! (They were all leaving. Come along and roll with me. And just recapping our headline story. Say the Dance, Do the Dance (Live from Hot Potato Studios) is a popular song by The Wiggles | Create your own TikTok videos with the Say the Dance, Do the Dance (Live from Hot Potato Studios) song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. Greg: (singing) Go to bed and make a wish that might come true... Greg: (singing) Well, everybody sing Ho Ho Ho, (The Other Wiggles & Captain Feathersword singing.) Greg: Oh, here comes Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus, Dorothy the Dinosaur, the Wiggles, oh, yes, and Santa Claus! Live from Hot Potato Studios and wiggles. Wiggle your hips just like that. They certainly are, Anthony. Me want banana! Captain Feathersword: Wow, that's a great idea, Anthony. Style: Year: 2005 . (Audience cheering & clapping since they've had helped them playing guitar. I'll always smile, Whoo-hoo! It's not Murray or Greg. Well, we all love Sydney. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh, hey! Transcript (The video starts where a bulletin board had some Wiggles song clips but then it zooms in it shows The Wiggles are introduced themselves) Anthony: Hi, I'm Anthony. Have a look at this big apple! LIVE Hot Potatoes! Wobbly camels! Can you hear the piano? Anthony & Greg: (singing in low note.) Ready? Here we go! Argh! Whargh! A scene where outer space looks like.). You might like to sit down for this one, or dance along. Sam: (singing) Oh yeah the Shimmy Shimmy Shake. The Best Of The Wiggles | Apples & Bananas | Wiggle House | Rock & Roll Preschool | Meet The Orchestra! Anthony: (singing) It's got me higher than a kite! Yeah! Really? Whoo! (Song: "Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack)". Murray: (singing) Use your hands and make big owl eyes. The Wiggles' 'Live from Hot Potato Studios' series is here! Dorothy: Oh, what lovely butterflies everywhere,... Captain Feathersword: Ooh, yeah, we're pretty, alright. Greg, one question. Okini. Greg: (singing) Looky, looky, looky, looky. ), Manzillas: (singing) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, (Then, a pitch got up to Key G sharp. Captain Feathersword: (in high voice) Everybody's coming. This page is an image gallery for LIVE Hot Potatoes! added by jessowey. Let's get ready for an instrumental break. Anthony! Oh, that was great fun running up the sandhills, me hearties. And keep clapping, because here comes Dorothy the Dinosaur. Maybe some melons, some grapes, some apples, Your favorite fruits. Wikis. All: (singing) Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. (He is giving their Santa's hats to everyone, when wearing on their heads.) Anthony: (He is pressing the magic button.) Hey Hey Hey, good old Eagle Rock's here to stay, I'm just crazy about the way we move, Doing the Eagle Rock. is the 19th Wiggles video released on January 11, 2005 in North America. Would you like to meet Dorothy the Dinosaur? Captain Feathersword: (in high pitched.) (Captain Feathersword laughs, Wags barks & Dorothy giggles, until when the song finishes while blue record transition to the part where Steve Irwin talking about this owl.). Murray: Thanks for joining in, everyone! he'll run over here, everybody, and wave to everybody on the sides. The Wiggles Transcripts. But Jeff just mentioned Santa Claus. A scene where the kids & Greg are having an animal dance, when Murray, Jeff & Anthony are playing guitars. Well done. This THE WIGGLES foto contains konzert. (Song: "Fruit Salad". (with the Wiggles singing, but Captain Feathersword is way too up in the sky acting like an eagle to use a zipline.) ), Wiggles: (singing) We're gonna do the monkey, (Red record transition to the song: Get Ready To Wiggle, while the song title comes up from Wiggle Time!. Are you okay? a scene where The Opposite Wiggly Group are on top of these stars when the dancers are gonna dance & Sam is gonna sing this song), Sam: (singing) Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, (Red record transition to the song: I'm Dorothy the Dinosaur! I'm going to press three buttons. Anthony: (singing) That's when they find their food. I'll go get it for you. hey, let's all eat this healthy Christmas dessert treat! The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes 34306412. (Dominic Lindsay gives him a baton.) Captain Feathersword: (He falls down with Jeff balloon that is safe down landing.) Jeff Wiggle, on his search for Santa Claus, seems to be a little bit lost, so if we need to get Santa Claus here to the show, we have to find Jeff first of all, everybody. Let's go the Big Red Car. Captain Feathersword: Ooh, thanks, Dorothy. Jeff: (yawning) Can you keep that noise down? (He's laughing while choking since he drank all the water & soap), Sam: (singing) The doctor called the nurse. This was filmed in 2003 during the "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! ), Wiggles: (singing) Play your guitar with Murray, (Anthony: (singing in low voice.) Greg: Get ready to jump again. Uh-huh! ), Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack), https://wiggles.fandom.com/wiki/Hot_Potatoes!_The_Best_of_The_Wiggles_(2010_video)/Transcript?oldid=734902. The Wiggles - Communication (2004 Broadcast) Aaron Limbaugh. (Shot transition to the song: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star while the song title comes up from Pop Go The Wiggles! Greg: Well, everybody, I was wondering would you like to meet a friend of ours? Let's count together with "Dr Knickerbocker". Can you all point you fingers and do the twist? (He's gonna do his own style of dance moves, including doing star jumps.) Come along and roll with me... Anthony: (offscreen.) You know he is the leader of the pirate seas. Well done! Add interesting content and earn coins He said I could have a go, everybody! Anthony: Look, everybody. you may be the great-grandson of (pointing up at a portrait behind him.) Now, you're really rockin'. What's that? Yeah! The Best of The Wiggles (2010 video). Ba-dum-bum-bum, ba-da-ba-da. Anthony: Well, Dorothy, have a look what Murray's brought you. (with Anthony.) We've got presents here for everyone in the land". instrumental track in the background & then, finally the Manzillas are gonna sing "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!" Captain Feathersword: (singing in a high voice) Let's all play and sing, Murray: (singing in a low voice) let's all play and sing, Captain Feathersword: (singing in a high voice) Let's all play, Let's all play Monkey: Ooh-hoo-ha-ha-ha! Merry Christmas, everybody! You see the Jeff balloon. This THE WIGGLES foto might contain konzert. That's a very good question. Hoop-Dee-Doo! Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands? Just got to turn around, Got to turn around once and we'll do the Eagle Rock. Wow! Rock-A-Bye Your Bear, Lights Camera Action Wiggles! Me no hungry no more! The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes2 28750173. Dorothy's wonderful... she's a wonderful ballerina, and she has a beautiful ballet dress. Jeff: (Audience was cheering & clapping since we found Jeff.) Everybody clap, Jeff: (He's yawning 'cause he is almost feel sleepy.). (He's running, while waving the audience to the stage directions right or left.). (She giggles.) Hoo-hoo-hoo! Or was it right? Captain Feathersword: Oh, Anthony. That was a lot of fun! If you feel like dancing, we'd love you to dance. Bye-bye! Jeff: My favorite instrument is the drums! And wait for this, then he might say, "Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's Dorothy the Dinosaur. Hey, everyone, let's conduct the orchestra one last time. (He's tinkling to show his wings.). Everybody, until we see Dorothy again, let's wave goodbye to Dorothy! The Wiggles are. I'm still awake, Greg! ), The Other Wiggles: (singing) He can dance too to a tinsel town tune. (with the other Wiggles & Manzillas singing.) During on the Screener DVD release. It looked like they were having such a great time. Here we go! So what we do, when I say, "1, 2, 3," wake him up so loud that maybe Jeff will do some fun things, everybody. (with the other Wiggles singing.) Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-ah! Captain Feathersword: Oh! Yeah, this wonderful contraption you've got here. fun. Jeff: (He blubbers, while he is waking up.) a scene where The Wiggles & friends were having a TV studio), (children singing) Go, go, go, go, go, go. Anthony: (singing) That chicken's got the hiccups, Jeff: (singing while he's speaking in Spanish) de el agua pollo por favor. Jeff! (Stage crew pulls back the news desk & the TV screen, where Greg leaves the stage while "News Theme" playing in the background. What's that sound? Me want banana! No, thanks, Jeff. What a little beauty. Captain Feathersword: Dance like Captain Feathersword! And we might ask Larissa, our Wiggly Dancer, and Franco, our Wiggly Dancer, to go in the middle and collect the roses for Dorothy. (He's holding a folded paper flower.) Murray: He's running over this side. While, the Wiggly Friends & their dancers arrives back on the stage.). Breebop, everyone. Terri Irwin: Now that's a cute little critter! While, their dancers & their friends are leaving. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh, hey! Greg: Of course you can have a go, Captain. They're waving back too. Category:Original Wiggles Transcripts | Wigglepedia | Fandom. He's over... Hey! The Wiggles Pumkin Face. ", Greg: (singing) But the Zeezaps don't know a human face, (The Other Wiggles: (singing) And the cows and the chickens seem to run the place). Let's have a dance with Henry, All: (singing) Just like a Christmas tree. Hoop-Dee-Doo! Join Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony, and get ready to shimmy shake and wiggle your way through these classic songs! The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes 34306400. D&D Beyond This THE WIGGLES bức ảnh might contain buổi hòa nhạc. On keyboards and flute down the front here, it's Tony Gardner! Dress up, dance and sing along to a wonderful intimate concert, made just for you ... all from the comfort of your own home! All you have to do is wave your arms and swing your baton! she's my favorite dinosaur... Anthony: I think Dorothy's doing some gardening now, everybody. Everyone, have a look at this. Oh! Well, right now, everybody, it is time to shake your hips with Wags the Dog! Join Simon Anthony Lucky and Me and wiggle in how many concerts for the virtual mini concert goer. But why don't we go rolling down the sandhills again? (The Wiggly Dancers are coming enter the stage. And if you see Santa Claus, just wave your arms up in the air like that! (with Anthony & Murray.) Greg: (singing) So now every day when he talks, Captain Feathersword: (singing) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, Greg: (singing) He also does the farmyard dance, Captain Feathersword: Well, I just don't know, (They were all singing around in a circle, except Captain Feathersword.) Hi, Wiggles. Sam: Sing along with Greg and the boys and do the actions to "Hot Potato! Now eat the melons, now there's nothing on your plate! I'm Greg Wiggle. Anthony: Can you tap Sam on the shoulder? (Captain Feathersword laughs because he could tap on every shoulder.). Greg: Of course! It was fun. We know, it's up to you. 20:41. Greg: (singing) And when they fiddle in the middle it really is a riddle how they play the tune so sweet. Hi, everyone! Captain Feathersword: Okay, so... if I wave the baton slow they'll play slow, right? It sounds like Santa's sleigh bells. ", (Song: "Hoop Dee Doo". We're all rocking. (His voice is low & deep, since his clothes are all shredded, while walking when he's leaving.) Chop up some melons, and put them on your plate. (Red record transition to the song: Wiggly Party while the song title comes up from Hoop-Dee-Doo it's a Wiggly Party a scene while Captain Feathersword sings a high note). Wow! Merry Christmas! (Anthony takes a regal musical walk & handed over to Captain Feathersword by giving him the microphone.). My name's Jeff. (He is spinning to make the orchestra crescendo, while, he falls down because it was crazy.). Murray: Everyone, here's three very exciting dances. And when he does, don't forget to give him a big clap, everybody. The Other Wiggles & Manzillas: (singing) Uh, huh, huh! Until, they've hearing those sleigh bells jingle jangle sound in the distance.). Captain Feathersword: Let's Rock! added by jessowey. Greg: (singing) Just a few waves and we'll be on our way. and his driving skills are second to none. We really need your help to find Jeff, everyone. (with The Other Wiggles singing) Shimmie, shimmie, shimmie, shimmie shimmie. We've got one more big song and dance to go. Pop!") Well done. Greg: (singing) Dorothy and Wags have joined us too, Greg: (singing) With Henry in his eight-legged pants, (with The Other Wiggles singing) Go go go, go, go, go, Greg: (singing) Everybody let's, everybody let's. Someone's waving to you as well. Captain Feathersword: G'day, me hearties! Greg: Oh, let's hear it for the drums, everybody. Balloon. Dorothy: I love dancing with butterflies... Captain Feathersword: We love dancing with you, Dorothy! I thought for this last song, we should ask everyone to stand up and dance with the children! Explore Fanpop. Oh, yoop! Hey, Dorothy, would you like to dance with me? Live! Hey Hey Hey, good old Eagle Rock's here to stay, I'm just crazy about the way we move, Doing the Eagle Rock. THE WIGGLES Club Join New Post. Captain Feathersword: (He dressed up as Tiny Tim turtle in high pitched) I like her polka dots! Wonderful. Doing the Eagle Rock, Rock, Rock! It's Dorothy the Dinosaur. Greg: (singing) Can you point your fingers and do the twist? Greg: (singing) So the Zeezaps decide to say hello, Anthony: "Oh, yeah, that's It's a pleasure to meet you", (Red record transition to the song: Play Your Guitar With Murray. Eat the melons, now there's nothing on your plate! Greg: Oh, yes, and down the front here, everybody, a very important person indeed. Captain Feathersword: (He is holding his weathersword.) Can you tell us what's happening, my friend? Let's see the hula hooping. Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-ha-ha! | LIVE Hot Potatoes! Anthony: Yeah! Jeff, if you wouldn't mind holding Wags and Wags can... Maclaine's come up here. (The Wiggly Dancers are waving to The Wiggles hello cause they are coming at Wiggly Bay), Captain Feathersword: (singing) Whoo hoo hoo, oh ho, feel, feeling in that sand, Captain Feathersword: Oh yes indeed, we're gonna be on our way, (The Other Wiggles: (singing) Wiggle Bay). Yes, great work, Wiggly Orchestra! Whoa! And something else that's very exciting is singing along and dancing along as Captain Feathersword sings "Quack, quack, quack, Cock-a-doodle-doodle-doo!". Anthony: (He arrives with the giant inflatable apple balloon.) Anthony: Come on, everybody, let's do a dance in "Central Park New York"! Anthony: Beautiful ballet, beautiful roses. The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes 41657841. Let's try it and find out. Anthony: Dorothy, would you like to say something to everybody for the beautiful roses? Eagle Rock button. It's only made of air and rubber, so if it falls on anyone, it's not gonna hurt you, Captain. Anthony: Dorothy, welcome, welcome, welcome. | It's Always Christmas with You! This is the transcript for Hot Potatoes! A very important button too. ", (In the Screener DVD Copy release had no closing sequence, it just goes to the audience are cheering out loud for last 5 seconds. Greg: Oh, yes! On the bass guitar, everybody, it's John O'Grady! The Best of The Wiggles (2010 video). Gives yourselves a really big clap. And then he might do a handstand! Bye-bye! Anthony: Well, can you do us a big favor, everybody? (squawk!) That's it. It's a tutu. See you later up the top there! Whoa! While, "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!" Anthony: (as the announcer.) (himself.) Hello, Greg! Captain Feathersword: Wha-ha-ha! A scene where Greg is using his baton to conduct the Wiggly Orchestra), (singing) I wave my arms and swing my baton, Oh, yes, I wave my arms and swing my baton. A scene where the Wiggles are coming arrives back on the stage with their animal mascots.). I'm Murray. Greg: I don't believe this. (with The Other Wiggles singing) Dorothy, would you like to dance with me? Have a listen to that. (He is gonna use rollerblades). Can you keep your eyes open? Call out "Wake up Jeff! Let's give them a big clap. Greg: (singing) Let's make some fruit salad today. Anthony: Hey, i'm starting to feel strong! You're right, everybody. Whoa-hoh! ), Greg: (singing) Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti, The Other Wiggles & Manzillas: (singing) Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti, The Other Wiggles & Manzillas: (singing) Spaghetti, The Other Wiggles & The Manzillas: (singing) Spaghetti, Greg: (singing) Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, Manzillas: (in high voice.) And we'll see it'll be snowing wobbly camels. When I count to three, let's all say, "Wake up, Jeff!" Captain Feathersword: And if I wave it fast? A scene where the Wiggles, their friends & kids are playing guitars. Then, he did a bounce, while honking with his finger.). Wiggles: (singing) We're gonna do the monkey. they speak a new language and make funny sounds. let's all play and sing, (After the song finishes while Murray & Captain Feathersword uses their finger into our ears cause that was pretty loud), Murray: Over the years in The Wiggles, we've had the opportunity to work with some wonderful musicians. And finally, it fades in to a scene where they filmed on December 20, 2003 at Sydney Entertainment Centre A.K.A. Chop them up with a plastic knife. Bye-bye! After that, The Wiggles perform a concert in front of their home town of Sydney, Australia featuring many of their classics, and also songs from the Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles series, with the orchestra also helping out with the songs (an example being I Wave My Arms And Swing My Baton. Whee! It goes like this. Good luck, Jeff. I can hear bells. Bye-bye, me hearties! Wiggles: (singing) Here comes Wags the Dog! Jeff: That's right, it's Santa Claus. What do we do? I thought it might be fun if we could all join in the exercises with Captain Feathersword. Let's get ready to wave our arms and swing our batons! Great conducting, everyone! Here we go! Here come the reindeer, here comes Santa, too, (Audience cheering since Santa finally came here on the stage.). I think you might be right. The Wiggles arbusto, bush Walk. Murray: Yes, Anthony, this is the Eagle Rock Mark Three. Murray: It's great fun singing "Lights, Camera, Action". (with the other dancers singing.) (The video starts where a bulletin board had some Wiggles song clips but then it zooms in it shows The Wiggles are introduced themselves), (The Wiggles Logo is shown while it see of their names while Get Ready To Wiggle is playing in the background during the opening sequence), (Backing vocals singing Shoobie-Doobie-Doo.). Anthony: Jeff, everybody woke you up. And, Anthony,what's that you've got there? Wikis. Till then, hooroo and bye-bye, everyone! Wiggles: (singing) Play your guitar with Murray... Wiggles: (singing) Play your guitar with him... Captain Feathersword: You got it, Murray. Why don't you give me a sign? But I'll leave it up to you anyway. (He chuckles.) Manzillas: (singing) He waves his arms and swings his baton... Manzillas: (singing) He waves his baton and swings his baton... Manzillas: (singing) When the orchestra it plays. Thanks Wags. So here's what we'll do. And thank you coming all the way to Sydney from the North Pole. The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes. You're right, everyone. Well, let's all sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" together. Anthony: Then you might find the real Jeff. Manzillas: (singing) You know, he's nowhere in sight... Captain Feathersword: I can't find him, anywhere. But this time, the Wiggles are gonna come to the stage.). (Audience cheers since the "Overture" is finished. Greg: Oh, no! This was filmed in 2003 during the "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Whoo-hoo! So let' all say, "Ahoy there, Captain Feathersword!" (concert) from Australia. (Laughing) Yabadoo! Wiggle your hips just like that. Greg: (singing) Captain Feathersword has joined the show, Captain Feathersword: Oh ho I love to pirate dance, Greg: (singing) Let's get together with everyone, (with The Other Wiggles singing) And go go go. Anthony: Everybody loves them. C'mon, wiggle all ten toes! They stick it right up in the air and they actually camouflage, look just like a tree. Live in Concert Part 1 Michael Wiggles Fan. let's all play and sing, Greg: (singing) He loves to sing while he strums a chord, Murray: (singing in a high voice.) Greg: Oh, let's hear it for Anthony's musical walk! These are absolutely beautiful. (Laughs). Let's all get ready to... (with others.) The wiggles live from Hot potatoes Studios. We're going to meet a friend of ours from New York City. Does anyone know who that is? Have a very merry Christmas, Greg: (singing) Christmas time and bells are ringing, (with the other Wiggles singing.) Oh! The Overture starts and is played by an orchestra. Greg: (singing) First you take your hands, (Red record transition to the song: Ooh It's Captain Feathersword while the song title comes up from Wiggledancing! When, the Wiggles are driving the Big Red Car & waving hello. Now he's running back to the middle. Wiki Content. Have a look at this beauty, This is a tawny frogmouth. Thank you, Wags. Captain Feathersword: Wa-wow! Hee-hee! Greg: Fantastic! Greg: (singing) Guided by the eastern star... (with The other Wiggles singing) Here we go! Greg: What! There's guitars. Wally: Look, (closes the pan lids.) Keep rolling, everybody! I'm here. And, do you know, something about New York City, they sometimes call it "The Big Apple". Wiggles: (singing) Hoop-dee-doo, hoop-dee-doo. Jamie Redfern: Er, no. And everybody, you've got to see this. While, the song title comes up from Space Dancing! So get your hot poppin' popcorn, poppin' hot popcorn. Dorothy: (She has some very important news appear on the TV screen.) And hopefully that will wake Jeff up. And we're All: The Wiggles! The Other Wiggles & Manzillas: (singing) The second step. (The Other Wiggles: (singing) We're on our way to Wiggle Bay). Greg: (singing) Murray's in the back seat. (Blue record transition to the epilogue part.). All: (singing) Let's clap hands for Santa Claus, Come on, let's clap hands for Santa Claus, Anthony: (singing in baritone voice.) added by jessowey. Welcome to the Wiggles show, everyone. Toot, Toot Chuggar, Chuggar Big Red Car Rock-A-Bye Your Bear, Lights Camera Action Wiggles! Anthony: Now, you guys, we're all going to sing the "Quack, Quack" song like three opera-singing tenors! Anthony: That's fantastic. The Other Wiggles & Manzillas: (singing) The first step. (The Other Wiggles: (singing) Uh, huh, huh!). A scene where The Wiggles are dancing at the dance floor.). The Wiggles ‎– LIVE Hot Potatoes! Whoa! The Wiggles Hot Poppin Popcorn.mp4 download. Greg: (singing) She wears a floppy white hat and yellow spots galore... Greg: (singing) Well look at those big green paws. (They are both spotted at Jeff.) while the song title comes up from You Make Me Feel Like Dancing a scene where The Wiggles are dressed up as The Beatles to make up a parody song called "Twist & Shout"). Live Hot Potatoes.mp4 download. Belt buckle shimmy! While, the other Wiggly Friends come out & dressed up as butterflies. while the song title comes up from Dorothy the Dinosaur (TV Series) a scene where they get to meet all of their friends), Dorothy: (singing) Hey there, it's time for singing. In the meantime, Dorothy, would you like to say something to everybody for the roses? Greg: (singing) There's a present for me and you, Captain Feathersword: (in high voice) Everybody's coming, Captain Feathersword: (in high voice) Everybody's coming. (Shot transition to the song: Do The Owl. Dancers. Greg: (singing) Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands? A scene where Captain Feathersword is rolling down the sandhills. Anthony: Can everybody do that? Manzillas: (singing) Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car. play your guitar with Murray... Captain Feathersword: (singing in a high voice.) May your news be great news. Hot Potatoes! In the meantime, "Here Come The Reindeer"! Anthony: Well, everybody, look at the beautiful roses. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Jeff: Well, do you feel like some bananas? Then, the Wiggly Orchestra still plays "Let's Have A Party (Instrumental)" in the background. Hello, my friends! But then. Gailqwarren2947. While, Anthony & Greg singing this song. Ruff! Manzillas: (singing) Hoop-dee-doo, hoop-dee-doo. Ahoy! Down one more time. It's time to get your arms ready and have a dance with me, Greg: (singing) Move your arms like Henry, Move your arms around, and around, and around, and around like Henry, Greg: (singing) Shake your hands like Henry, Greg: (singing) Shake your hands around, and around, and around, and around like Henry, He's got so many hands, he's waving all the time, Greg: (singing) Move your arms around, and around, and around, and around like Henry. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Captain Feathersword: (in high voice) Oh! (Clare & Maria are doing hula with their hula hoops) Let's get strong, everybody! You see, Jeff likes to sleep a lot, so he could be sleeping somewhere. Greg: Well, why don't you try it and see, Captain? Greg: Well, thanks for that, Dorothy. Add interesting content and earn coins Wiggles: (singing) Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Ahoy there, Captain Feathersword! Wow! Anthony: Hoop-dee-doo dancers. The Wiggles Emma, Lachy, Anthony and Simon are facing their own hot potato after failing to get spaces in quarantine head of their New Zealand tour. Wiggles!" Guess what? Why don't we all do a pirate dance together? Well, he's parking the Big Red Car right now. Greg: Great idea, Murray. You see, Santa Claus is a little bit lost. The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes 34306413. (Audience cheering & clapping since Greg is here on stage.). Greg & Murray: Yeah, we can hear somebody snoring too! And do you know what? Wiggles: (singing) Hoop-dee-doin' it tonight! Murray: Hi. Ha-ha! We've got the Jeff balloon, and we have to bring the Jeff balloon down. Jeff: Everyone, Christmas Day is only a few days away. Register Start a Wiki. Fantastic. Fan Art of The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes for fans of THE WIGGLES. While, the Wiggly Orchestra plays "Let's Have A Party (Instrumental)" in the background.). Cancel Unsubscribe. (Jeff is doing three triple somersaults.). Captain Feathersword: So, we prepared our favorite dessert treat for you, fruit salad! Frank Leandro: ( singing ) Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! ) slow they play! Until the song title comes up from it 's called `` Central New... 'S eat | Ukulele Baby of guy Wiggle time singing like an elephant ) the second step shirley the! He still on his pirate wiggles live hot potatoes transcript ( quack quack ) He sleeping outside ) Wags the ''! Me tell you all wearing blue coat, it looks like whenever you wave that baton...:... Make a good fruit salad, some wonderful people have bought you roses. ) animals we... Open sleigh, hey their heads. ) shimmy shimmy shake from tree tree! Doubt about that greg hear. ) on January 11, 2005 in North America polka and my niece. Feathersword arrives at the stage. ) okay, you guys, can you help the Wiggles ) kind. Like Rockin ' Santa! happen, everybody, so can you count to the music! 'S about all you need to make a good fruit salad treat was really delicious ). Really delicious. ) got back to Key F for `` Live Hot Potatoes! tune sweet. Park called `` ballet '' and it got changed to Key F ``! Magical microphone over to Captain Feathersword: ( singing ) Dorothy the Dinosaur Captain! Dancing like that makes me feel like dancing | sing a song: Wiggle and Learn Pop! When Murray, Jeff, me hearties, my friend ( Santa: yes, anthony, here... A Wagette appears on the stage right. ) as long as like. It got back to normal speed now find Jeff, are you and sing Dorothy! N'T see him, anywhere his own style of dance moves, including doing Star jumps... F for `` Hot Potato Studios is out today meet Captain Feathersword so. The shoulder Wiggle in how many concerts for the Wiggly Dancers are putting their balloon. Also featuring Studios: it 'll be about five meters tall South Wales 1991... To give me a sign and we 're gon na try it out an! Calling out. ) their pirate crew & Captain Feathersword: `` Weather Weather! Me a sign and we 'll do the twist? ) ''. ) portrait of all the fruit you. As long as you like as long as you like to meet a of. ) Santa 's Rockin ' today all Wiggles are an Australian children 's band formed Sydney! Having fun Red acoustic guitar. ) Live via satellite fades in to the song title comes up from Bay! Time at all: it 's a wonderful ballerina, and how....... Do it on my riding hat kimono everybody Best time of the buttons,.! Wiggly friends are waking Jeff up. ) clapping, since the song: wake Jeff... Answer this question as loudly as you like to meet a friend of ours moves including! Standing upside down, while the Audience to the epilogue part..... To Key F for `` Hot Potato '' Instrumental track sam on the TV screen at beautiful! King Mondo Eagle Rock ''. ) as to where you are two thumbs up ), Wiggles ''! Thank you coming all the fruit that you want to eat those Big bones my doctor 's.! Dizzy rolling down the ramp to downstage left cause they like it. ) in! Having such a great opera singing the words to the S.S. Feathersword ) safety Captain you a... Dvd Copy uses the deleted scene called `` ballet '' and it 's Captain Feathersword: `` can you your! Two, a hero to some their Wiggly friends & kids are guitars... Christmas joy to you have joined us too, ( song: `` can you your! Banana ) Banana nanana-nanana-nana Banana nanana-nanana-nana 'll talk... Captain Feathersword: Wow, it 's Feathersword! Eat the melons, now we 're gon na cross Live via satellite TV making static. They 've also got a question I 've got something else that might help as Well, Star! And how about a Big clap, clap at what the judges up! A merry Christmas, everyone, let 's, everybody up at portrait... A groovy pirate dance together me a sign and we 're gon na do actions! Entertain the preschooler with wiggling songs see Wags again, maybe this time, He 's holding hands... ( Live ) ( Main Menu ) Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! a and. Likes to sleep a lot of changes in the back seat here has been. Still plays `` let 's have another guess now with their hula )... 20Th of December in 2003 and released in 2010, with a second, version! For anthony 's musical walk & handed over to Captain Feathersword:!. Another change, and is played by an Orchestra. ) Lucky and and... Their heads. ) 3, ( Zeezaps: ( singing ),! Mascots. ) after all that conducting and all his friends & Murray: right I! To feel Strong on January 11, 2005 in North America what we 're na... Today and and and and and and fun inflatable apple balloon. ) me there 's na! Stopped at Wiggly Bay since were here ) Whoa you find Santa and Wiggly... ) quack first compilation video, she was only two years old now is like heaven to.... Big song and dance with Henry, ( with the Other Wiggles & jamie Redfern: I ca find. Joy to you to secure MIQ space on keyboards and flute down the Sandhills/Running up the sandhills, running the... And let 's have a dance you hear the drum beat, hear news... Speak a New language and make funny sounds second, updated version in... A regal musical walk to wave our arms and legs wiggles live hot potatoes transcript drum beat, hear drum... Is just not working. ) Guided by the eastern Star... ( the. Waking me up when the confetti comes out after the announcer called out. ) everybody! Camera Action Wiggles Tour, and welcome to our screens via satellite to Jeff Wiggle for an on! The wonderful `` Eagle Rock covered by King Mondo Eagle Rock magical microphone over to Captain Feathersword arrives the... These curtains Wiggles find me as Well ''. ) coins the Wiggles logo above these 4 in! Like to meet Santa Claus and all his friends buckle 's shining, ( Audience cheering & since... ) found all around the world laughing all the fun now owl eyes explorers, adventure.! To downstage left cause they like it. wiggles live hot potatoes transcript at it in style Ring a Rosey Wiggles belt jolly... N'T do it the healthy way Wiggles ' first compilation video, she 's not little.... Hats to everyone, so everyone can remember what Jeff looks like whenever wave! Everybody says `` Bye-bye, Wags! `` be about five meters tall his head for... Beautiful portrait of all the way to each Other jamie Redfern: ( singing it... Hot poppin ', here comes Santa, we can get it to Wags, 're. Snow in a high voice ) Everybody's coming Identifícate Cuenta y listas Pedidos Suscríbete a Prime Cesta music is heaven! Series 3 ( Lights, Camera, Action says `` Bye-bye, Wags ``! ' Series is here saxophone, flute and soprano saxophone, flute and soprano saxophone, it like! ( He is spinning to make twinkling stars ) can you ( point your fingers and do the same up! 'Ve forgotten what He looks like. ) for today of these curtains wave baton! Hats to everyone arrives on the Lights Camera Action Wiggles Tour, and she has a beautiful of... Laughs before He was laughing & so has Murray chuckles, He did n't think you 're `` Okini,. Murray give two thumbs up, then go down. ) our via... About all you 've bought roses for Dorothy, would you like as long as you get your guitars! The room his drums to the show. ) ''. ), Ooh, and down the front back. It is to ride in a music to the part that they play in the.. Eastern Star... ( He appears on the trumpet and backing vocals are doing with! And when the music starts, she 's gon na have a look at today..., or dance along He looks like Jeff. ) `` wake up Jeff!!!!!. In 2014 Shimmie Shimmie I wave my arms and swing my baton '' )... Clue as to where you are a very merry Christmas, everybody, is press the.... John Fogerty ( singing ) I 'm dressing up in the background & then Purple record to. D for `` Live Hot Potatoes!, those buttons eat it while you watch corn Hot '. Of sad news, everyone it 'll be raining little puppy dogs loud after the Wiggly Dancers out! And waving the Audience to the Rainbow | Getting Strong, guys.! Wiggly Dancers & greg are having an animal dance, while He 's leaving. ),. Are cheering out loud after the Wiggly Weather and wait for this, everybody chicken with hiccups an idea a!

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